Sunday, November 9, 2008

Katch's Ditch

Geoff (coworker Cindy's son) gave me directions to Katch's Ditch, but I don't know if I misunderstood him 'cause I ended up here. It's in the Pearl City Industrial Park area. This is looking left . . . This is looking right . . . And this is looking straight ahead. I couldn't see myself blazing a trail through all that brush, so I got back in my car and drove further in.
I did find this ditch which probably would lead me to the Mushroom Wall, but I was so high up I don't know how I would get down there. Good ole buddy Erick said that next time I should just bring a length of rope and climb down. He said he would call Search and Rescue if I'm not back in a week. What a pal.


Erick said...

I calculated it would take you a week to climb up the rope. Longer than that you probably need help. If you can't count on your friends who can you count on?

Quaeréndus said...

Thanks for the memories. The "ladder" to the ditch is about 200ft before the bridge from where you took the last pic. When you drive in and you see a huge water run off on the right, the access is right across from it, hidden behind a bush. Watch out for the rain :-)

Anonymous said...

aunty if you like one of these weekends i can go with you to go take the pictures i want to go back down there myslef to see if things have changed