Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Didi!!

Today is my sister Didi's birthday. She's an awesome cook and has published two of her own cookbooks - Dd's Table Talk and Dd's Table Talk II!! I looked through my old photos to see what pictures I should post and decided these from last Christmas might be entertaining.

I had gone to Price Busters to buy headgear for everybody to wear, but Didi and Glenn came with their own.
My sister Geri is in the middle and sister Leigh is on the right.
My mom
My brother Cy Nephew Daniel
Nephew Aaron
Brother in law Michael
And my husband Wendell. Hahahaha. Luckily he doesn't read my blog.

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Dd said...

OMG, every year (that we dont go to Chicago for the playoffs in January) I wish I wish we had "snow" pictures for our Christmas cards. perhaps this is the one ??

PS-who makes up those word verifications ???