Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waikiki Worm Company

I drive by the Waikiki Worm Company everyday, and I've been wanting to check it out. Today I got the chance.

Their featured product is the Can-O-Worms, a waste management system. The Can-O-Worms bin is home to several thousand worms which eat their weight a day in food scraps, kitchen waste, newspaper and even junk mail. The worms eventually will poop a nutrient-rich product called vermicast which promotes living soil. "What was once noxious waste is transformed into a valuable resource". Veeeery GREEN, yeah!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Andy's Kahuku Shrimp

Guess where Andy's Kahuku Shrimp is . . . no, not in Kahuku . . . it's on Rycroft near the Pagoda!

This is Marvin's half-eaten saimin. The shiru (broth) was veeery tasty. I liked it, although I prefer curly-kine noodles.
Here is the garlic rice. Marvin bought one order for me and one for him. We kinda shared with everybody. It was soooooo ono, and sooooooo garlicy.
This is the kim chee fried rice. It's also tasty . . . not as spicy as it looks.
This is the spicy garlic shrimp and fish jun combo.
Here's a better look at the spicy garlic shrimp. Anne said that once when she was at the shrimp truck in Kahuku she asked about the ingredients and was told they use banana!
This is my garlic shrimp . . . very good . . . but humbug with the shell.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaori!

CQ's daughter, Kaori, celebrated her 16th birthday at the Capitol Place's private theater room. The girls had a blast, and so did I. I just loved the Japanese Manga theme which with the low lighting, made for some interesting picture taking.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sumatran Tiger Cubs - 7 months old

Soooooo disappointing. All they did was sleep. I stayed at their cage for an hour before I gave up.

This guy stayed at a distance the whole time I was there.
This one had a nice comfortable spot in the hollowed out tree stump, and wasn't about to budge either.
This one slept close to his mom until he moved . . .
and gave me my only action shot of the day.
The End.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ghost Hunt - 4/25/2009

My string of one-post-a-day was broken yesterday 'cause we got back late after our ghost hunt. But that's okay, it was fun. And maybe now I won't be so obsessive about having to post something every single day.

Here's Marvin and Grant as we wait for our bus in front of our MRI suite.
Tysha and Ahina.
Here we are about to set off on our adventure.
Our first stop was at Ko'olina. I'm kinda a bad student, and don't remember what Lopaka Kapanui, our guide, said except something about the place being haunted . . . something like dat anyway.
Kona's chicken came for the ride too. I know you shouldn't bring pork along, but I think a chicken should be okay.
Here's Marvin in front of a heiau at Pokai Bay.
Here are us spectators trying to capture any ghostly images by him.
And I got mine!!!!!! Nah, that's just Marvin pointing his flashlight at his face. Got you going though, hah!!?
But for real this time . . . look at the smoky looking shape to the right of the picture. What do you think? Ghost, right! Those of you with smaller monitors might need to click on the image to see the whole thing.
Here's Iris's group as we leave the heiau.
Here's Jay blocking the path of night marchers.
Now what is that by Lincoln's head? Only got bushes behind him, but see the light?
Here we are in Makua Cave listening to three ghost stories by candlelight.
No flash was used during the telling of the stories yet there's a glowing light by Ken's head.
Here are the candle holders as they stand deep in the cave. Hooo oooo oooooo.