Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting a CT Scanner to the Second Floor

Last year my working place got a new CT scanner. Watching the preparation, skill and work involved trying to get the unit up to the second floor of our building was pretty amazing.

This is the wall of the CT scanner room. Now you see it . . . And now you don't. Here's the wall tucked away to be put back later.
This crane was actually used to remove the old unit from the building.
A tall forklift was used to remove the scanner bed. So here's the old unit being trucked away. It was donated to some South Pacific Island. I forget which one. Here's all the new stuff.Uncrated, the gantry gets forklifted on to the tall forklift. And raised up to the second floor.


Betty Townsend said...

Hi Jalna, I showed these pictures to my husband too. He thought it was so interesting how this whole thing was accomplished. He said he wondered how this sort of thing would be accomplished. It looks like the wall just snapped out of place. He was a truck driver and hauled a lot of freight in the 30 plus years he drove but never anything like this CT scanner. Very interesting!!

jalna said...

I thought the wall thing was pretty neat too!.