Sunday, August 31, 2008

Okinawan Festival Bon Dance - 8/30/2008

Me and Susie went to the Okinawan Festival in hopes of capturing a prize-winning photo.This is Reid Shimabukuro joking around with our mayor. He won last year's grand prize. I wish I had half his talent.
Hawaii Eisa Shinyuu Kai

Yamada Dance Group

Young Okinawans of Hawaii

Friday, August 29, 2008

Brandee's Palama Market Discovery

Brandee discovered this awesome dish at Palama Market, and it might just be my new favorite food.
It's fried tofu in an oh-so-delicious sauce.
She even woke up early today to make us some Manabu-style musubi with spicy chili oil tuna. I looooove Brandee.
She also picked up this ice cream bar, in keeping with our continued search for ono Korean ice cream.
I didn't actually taste this one, but coworkers described it as a gummy bear-Japanese candy-Asian yogurt drink-flavored popsicle.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lunch from Palama Market - 8/28/2008

It was my half day at work today. I originally had planned on going to Foster Garden to get some macro shots of flowers, but I got hungry and decided to get some macro shots of food instead. I went to Palama Market and got this Korean sushi ($3.50), always a good thing.
and this Pork Belly with Mochi ($4.99). I don't really care for the pork belly. It's really fatty, but I think that's what makes the sauce so ono. I usually kinda just nibble on a small bit of the meat and mostly eat the mochi. Luckily my son doesn't care for the mochi but loves the pork belly. The flavor is out of this world.
I also got this Seafood Pancake ($5.00). Best described in The Tasty Island food blog,"It’s a medley of seafood items such as imitation crab, fish and shrimp with large stocks of green onion, carried in a slightly flavored flour and egg 'pancake' batter." The best thing to me about this dish is the sauce. I made the mistake once of grabbing one that was missing the sauce and it just wasn't the same without it.
And then, of course, I had to grab a few ice cream bars to try out. This one has two chestnuts on the wrapper,
so I guess the stuff in the middle is supposed to be chestnuts, but it didn't taste like it. It was okay.
This one is called "Wild Body", maybe 'cause it looks wild.
It's coffee flavored with bits of crispy chocolate. This too was okay.
This was the best of the three.
It was really good . . . a very smooth and creamy strawberry flavored yogurt bar, but still not nearly as good as the Korean Ice Cream Wafer I wrote about previously.
So much for the ice cream taste test, but now I gotta explain to my husband why I got all these ice cream bars in the freezer with one bite taken out of 'um. Maybe he won't notice.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation's Jungle Adventure 2008

Hawaii Children's Cancer Foundation is having it's Jungle Adventure event on Sunday, September 7, 2008. Click here for photos from last year's event. Please set the date aside and join us. It's great fun for the kids and benefits a most worthwhile cause.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Manawale'a Riding Center Party Fundraiser - 8/23/2008

Manawale'a Riding Center is a non-profit licensed riding center located at Da Ranch in Waimanalo. They operate strictly with volunteer help and is funded by donations, grants and fundraisers. Their mission is to create a safe, nuturing environment where children with special needs, indigent children or those from specialty groups will experience the unconditional love and bonding horses provide.