Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Wannabe Like Frank Amodo

Frank Amodo is my favorite local wedding photographer. I so admire his work that at one time I would try to find the locations of some of his shoots and then try to copy his photos. It was fun.

It was kinda amazing that I even found this bench.
It's in Kapiolani Park by the water fountain. I got Taryn and Kona to go with me to look for it.
This set of stairs is on the side of the Convention Center.
Susie was my model for this copycat shot.
These lanterns and door are in Chinatown.
Wendell and I had just had dinner nearby and I asked him to pose. Cars were stopping at a stop sign right in front of us and he was soooo embarrassed. He kept saying, "Hurry up, hurry up."
I just loooove this photo. This was the best I could do in recreating it.
This walkway is in Waikiki. I wondered if Frank asked the boy to walk on the edge like that.
I was so lucky to get this shot. This man is a stranger and so are the group of people out in the background. Pretty neat how it came out similar, yeah.
This wall is by some flower shop in downtown on Beretania. It so doesn't look like that anymore.
Would you believe I was on my way to go look for the wall, when I saw my sister Didi waiting to cross the street. I shanghaied her and asked if she could come with me and be my model.Leslie found the location of this door for me. It belongs to an old brewery in Kakaako.
Since Didi was already with me, I dragged her to go look for the door. I spent 7 bucks on a white Snoopy balloon to act as the flying up veil, but it blew away as soon as we got there. . . bummahs. Notice her yellow flowers she picked from a bush. Sooo funny. I had a hard time getting this shot 'cause Didi kept opening her mouth WIDE like she was at the dentist and I couldn't stop laughing.

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Nippon Nin said... fun to read this post. You captured the essence of his style and some are even better than his I think. Wonderful job!