Thursday, November 27, 2008


I found this warning in Mililani Blog:

BE AWARE: A warning from Councilman Dela Cruz

“There is a young man posing as a security alarm salesman for Honeywell going door to door thru the Makakilo neighborhood. He is actually “casing” the neighborhood to find out who has alarm systems, dogs, and who stays at home during the day, etc. The police are looking for “someone matching his description” as a suspect in many home robberies in the Kapolei/Makakilo areas.

He is about 5′9-10″, slim, dirty blonde/lt brown hair and green eyes. He’s caucasian/asian and looks clean cut. When he came to our house (Nov 19) he was wearing a white polo shirt with a logo “SECURE” on the left breast embroidered in blue. I couldn’t read the smaller print above the “SECURE”. He didn’t introduced himself or offer a business card. We already have a security system so our conversation was very short. (He did want to know if we had a direct line to the police.)

I called Honeywell and they knew about him because they received many calls from residents in Mililani Mauka last month. Honeywell does not sell home security alarm systems. They are now taking steps to try and stop him from using their company name in his scam by alerting the public.

If this person should appear in your neighborhood call the police immediately.”

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