Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was almost late for work yesterday 'cause on the way to my car I spotted this guy. I don't know how the National Geographic guys do it 'cause in order to take macro shots of anything your subject's gotta be still, and even though this guy wasn't moving at break-neck speed or anything he was still moving. Plus that, the lighting was such that I couldn't get the plane of sharpness wide enough to get the whole ummm insect . . . okay, I googled it, he's an arthropod . . . to get the whole arthropod clear.

Isn't his "face" kinda cute? And look at those weird antenna. Okay, I know you think I'm weird already so it doesn't matter if I tell you that I tried to count the legs. I think he's got about 400 legs!! Good thing humans don't have that many legs . . . we wouldn't be able to afford the shoes! Anyway, I have no idea what my neighbor thought when she drove past and saw me lying on my stomach in my driveway, but oh well . . .

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Dd said...

IN YOUR DRIVEWAY!! Holy Moly, I wonder if there are babies !!