Monday, September 29, 2014

Flavored Salts

Another interesting item at J-shop are these flavored salts. 

This is the one I bought.  It was $4 something.  It's Negi (green onion) Shichimi Salt.  I like it a lot. A little goes a long way.


Here are the other flavors.  This one is Matcha Tea Salt.

Shiso Salt.

Sakura Salt. Interesting, yah.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Went to check out J-Shop again the other day and found this tray of WAGYU beef.  This Top Sirloin Butt was cheaper ($34.20/lb.) than the Short Rib cut that I bought the first time ($56.70/lb.) that I visited the store.


Just look at that! Sorry, no photo of the cooked version . . . it was gone too fast.  You shoulda seen the look on Landon's face as he ate it.  He would shake his head with each bite, smile and say, "That is ridiculously ono." He said that he has not had any other meat that is better. 

Wouldja believe that the cashier gave me this ice to keep the meat cold on my ride home?  Howzdat yah!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pi Learns About Jesus

Here's another excerpt from the Life of Pi.  I listened to this part several times because it's so funny to me, it totally makes me laugh out loud.   (Note: Pi's father is a zookeeper, in case you didn't know.) 

Catholics have a reputation for severity, for judgment that comes down heavily. My experience with Father Martin was not at all like that. He was very kind. He served me tea and biscuits in a tea set that tinkled and rattled at every touch; he treated me like a grown-up; and he told me a story. Or rather, since Christians are so fond of capital letters, a Story.

And what a story. The first thing that drew me in was disbelief. What? Humanity sins but it’s God’s Son who pays the price? I tried to imagine Father saying to me, “Piscine, a lion slipped into the llama pen today and killed two llamas. Yesterday another one killed a black buck. Last week two of them ate the camel. The week before it was painted storks and grey herons. And who’s to say for sure who snacked on our golden agouti? The situation has become intolerable. Something must be done. I have decided that the only way the lions can atone for their sins is if I feed you to them.”

“Yes, Father, that would be the right and logical thing to do. Give me a moment to wash up.”

“Hallelujah, my son.”

“Hallelujah, Father.”

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dog Intelligence Toy

I found this dog toy at Ross.  Supposedly, your intelligent dog will learn to slide a cover over with his nose and get a hidden treat.  It was $8.  

The photo of the golden retriever enticed me.  I imagined Kona enjoying trying to figure out this puzzle.  

I hid four of his favorite salmon snacks under each cover.  Four!  Lucky dog . . . I usually give him just one at a time.

This is what he thought of it.

I even slid one open and placed it near to him.  Nope.  Not interested.  Reminds me of the time I bought him a rubber chicken.  Click here to read that story.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pi's Three Religions

I've been listening to the audio book "Life of Pi".  I'm enjoying the story so much that I'm listening to it for a second time. Below is an excerpt of one of my favorite quotes from the book. 

The pandit spoke first. "Mr. Patel, Piscine's piety is admirable. In these troubled times it's good to see a boy so keen on God. We all agree on that." The imam and the priest nodded. "But he can't be a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim. It's impossible. He must choose."

"I don't think it's a crime, but I suppose you're right," Father replied.

The three murmured in agreement and looked heavenward, as did Father, whence they felt the decision must come. Mother looked at me.

A silence fell heavily on my shoulders.

"Hmmm, Piscine?" Mother nudged me. "How do you feel about the question?"

"Bapu Gandhi said, 'All religions are true.' I just want to love God," I blurted out, and looked down, red in the face.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha

Back in the day and even today we call this place Doe Fang even though the new name is Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha.  I had heard that it now serves ono-kine shave ice, so me and Geri went to check it out the other week.  It's in the Aina Haina Shopping Center.

photo_1-2 copy

Here's Uncle Clay.  The place is totally refurbished and does not look anything like the Doe Fang of old.  But Uncle Clay?  He's still the same . . . oozing Aloha.
photo-3 copy

Sorry . . . blurry . . . 


I had a small strawberry/li hing shave ice with vanilla ice cream.  It was super good . . . especially DA ICE CREAM!!  Da ice cream was so so so so ono.  I might even say the best in the history of mankind. 

Uncle Clay only has vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but you can click here to find out more about the Hawaii-made Tropical Dreams Ice Cream and where you can find them.
photo_2-2 copy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yesterday's Lunch

I was so touched yesterday when my coworker Bien presented this sandwich to me.  He had made it himself . . . two pieces of cold cut turkey in a croissant.  No mayo.  No veggies.  Just two pieces of turkey . . . and lots of love.  It was delicious.


Monday, September 15, 2014

e.l.f. Eyeliner

I bought this eyeliner from TJ Maxx.  It was only $2.39!!  So cheap, might as well try, right?


This is what it looks like.

It came with its own brush, but I used this one instead.  I bought this brush from Longs awhile back.

Can you believe . . . I really like it! $2.39!  It stays on pretty good all day too. Wendell did I good job of taking my picture, yah.IMG_8114

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just Wondering

I'm curious.  What do you think about the screaming banshee lady?

In case you haven't seen this video yet, STOP:  If bad words and pointing of middle fingers (two at the same time) offend you, then don't watch the video.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wendell's Pork Belly with Okara

I give Wendell credit for trying out all kinds of recipes.  This was an unusual one which called for okara. It's an Electric Kitchen recipe that Wendell found in the newspaper.  The name of it is Ukara Irichi.


Basically you stir fry preboiled pork belly.

Then add sliced kamaboko and shiitake mushrooms.

The recipe calls for peas too, but we didn't have any.

Add okara.

It's not the prettiest-looking dish, but it was really tasty. We ate it all up.

Ukara Irichi 

1/2 pound pork belly, shoulder or pork butt
3 tbs. oil
2 medium dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked until soft, then julienned (reserve liquid)
1/2 kamaboko, julienned
2 cups okara
3/4 cup pork stock
salt, to taste
2 tbs. green peas

Preboil pork: Cover pork with water, bring to rolling boil, drain and rinse.  Add just enough water to barely cover the pork, cover and gently boil 20 minutes. Reserve liquid for stock. Cool, cut pork into julienne strips.

Heat oil in nonstick skillet. On medium, stir fry pork until well done. Add shiitake, kamaboko and continue to stir fry.  Add okara and mix thoroughly, stirring often to prevent scorching.  Keep okara moist by adding pork stock and a little mushroom liquid as needed.

Add seasoning and green peas. Serves 6.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Miyazaki GIFs from GIPHY

I love love love Hayao Miyazaki movies.  I found these GIFs  here at GIPHY. I like the GIFS because they give focus to what makes his films so amazing.

My favorite is Spirited Away. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to . . . the animation is sooo beautiful.

Spirited Away

My Neighbor Totoro

Princess Mononoke


Howl's Moving Castle

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Roll Lesson

About a month ago coworker Ronnie brought all the ingredients for us to make summer rolls at work. So cool, yah!  I can't even tell you how much I love the guy.  Ronnie's history with our office goes back around 20 something years.  He first started right outta high school as a delivery guy. He left to pursue other careers and is now back with us in our billing department. 


Ronnie gave us a demonstration.  You first wet the rice paper wrapper.

You wet the whole thing.

Then you quickly pat up the excess water.

Then you put your preferred filling . . .

kinda like this.  Ronnie was pretty fussy about the correct placement of ingredients.

He even made a diagram for us.  I brought meat juhn . . . 

'cause you know how summer rolls gotta have meat juhn in um.  Plus I neva know what else to bring and that's all that was available at Keeaumoku Market first thing in the morning.

We each made our own summer rolls how we liked um.

Michele made a tapioca fruit dessert.  It went well with the summer rolls.







Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Easy Guacamole

Here's my lazy-style guacamole that I made using avocados that my high-school classmate N gave to me.  Thanks N!!

I mashed about three of the avocados and added a chopped tomato, cilantro, one minced garlic clove and some lime juice. Then I added in about 1/4 cup store-bought salsa verde. If raw onions didn't give me da gas nowadays I woulda added some in too. Very simple and tastes good enough for me.


This is the salsa that I used.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Me, Wendell and Landon chipped in and got ourselves this year's birthday present to each other.  Good idea, yah!


It was choke expensive . . . $500.  But so far, we've been putting it to good use.  And it works great. You just put the dial to what you want, push down the switch and it'll turn off by itself.

Landon's been leaning towards the strawberry/banana smoothies. 

I call this an orange dreamsicle.

I'm still kinda tweaking the recipe, but for now it's 1 orange, 2 tbs. orange juice concentrate, 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract, 1/4 c. yogurt and around 8 ice cubes.  Yummy!!