Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Manhole Cover

I pretty much take pictures of anything, and today this manhole cover caught my eye. This one obviously belongs to Hawaiian Electric. I wonder how many different kinds of manhole covers we got around this island. I never noticed before. I wonder what got beneath them. I think I'm gonna start a collection and do a post called, "Manhole Covers of Oahu".
Which leads me to this question. Do you know why manhole covers are round?
This caught my eye too 'cause it says Honolulu T.H. (Territory of Hawaii). We became a state in 1959, so this cover must have been in place before then. I wonder if what's beneath it actually works.
And look at this cement cover . . . H.T. for Hawaiian Telephone?
Japanese manhole covers are an artform. I doubt I'll find any like these here.


Erick said...

Ha, ha, ha, cool manhole covers! I love the all the different patterns and shapes. Great collection!

Dd said...

Not sure if I ever shared this "embarassing moment" story...I was “rushing” to catch the bus one day, going to work, walking down my street, I fell into an open manhole, just one leg, but all the way down to my knee. I was able to catch my bus, but everyone one the bus was just staring at me, looking at me like, I don’t know really. While on the bus, I felt liquid dripping down my leg, my knee was bleeding pretty badly and looked banged up, I had not noticed it before. So, instead of going to work, I took myself to Queens emergency. While there, everyone was staring at me, looking at me like, I don’t know really. So, I finally get into a room, looked at the mirror in the room……….My face had mud on it, kinda all over, and I had these twigs, I mean the longest was about 7-8 inches long, yes, with leaves on it !! in my hair…….I looked like a homeless person that was just in a fight !! aiyeeeee…….no one on the bus said anything to me, no one in emergency said anything to me, probably coz they were all dealing with their own stuff………..I laughed so loud…all by myself in that room, glad I could laugh………..BUT I pulled ligaments in my knee……….Dd

jalna said...


bebedeer said...

That's so interesting about the manhole covers! I would love to see more photos of them!

Betty Townsend said...

Very interesting pictures. A couple of these are probably older than me. LOL!! Anyway, I showed them to my husband. He had a great chuckle over them too.