Monday, November 17, 2008

U Chun Korean Restaurant - 11/17/2008

I met Erick for lunch today. We had planned to meet at Taishoken for some ramen but they were closed so we ended up at U Chun on Keeaumoku. U Chun is noted for their black noodle. They prepare it in a variety of ways. I've had it twice before and both times it was really ono. The problem with it though is that the noodles are so, so chewy I can't bite through them. I don't know if my teeth are just not sharp enough, but for me it's like eating very tasty rubber bands.

We got this Rice Cake and Mandoo in Soup instead and it was delicious. It's like a Mandoo with Noodle Soup but instead of noodles you get mochi slices.
We also got the Squid Tempura. Erick liked it, but I didn't particularly care for it. I thought it was too oily and the batter was too thick. I still ate a good share though.


Betty Townsend said...

Hi Jalna, I've read through all your posts of 2008. Beautiful pictures. You and your mom eating at Sekiya's brought back alot of memories. I went to Kaimuki Hi my sophmore & junior years then my family moved to Kailua so I graduated from Kailua. Anyway, juat about every day we walked over to Sekiya's for a snack while we waited for the bus to go home. On many of my trips back home, I've tried to go for lunch. Took my husband there for lunch on one of the trips we made together. It's amazing it's still in business. Love all the places you and your friends go for lunch. Making me so hungry for some good, ono food. That's probably what I miss the most about home, the food!!

jalna said...

Wow Betty, you went to Kaimuki High? I went there too - Class of '71! I also went to Jarrett Intermediate and Palolo Elementary Schools.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow, small world. I was the Class of '60. My younger sister went to Jarrett and we both went to Palolo. I went to Kaimuki Intermediate. My sister was the class of '61 and she graduated from Kaimuki. She went to live with my grandmother in Kapahulu so she could graduate from Kaimuki.