Thursday, November 6, 2008

St. Andrew Church - 11/6/2008

St. Andrew Church is on Beretania and Queen Emma. I'd been wanting to check it out ever since photog buddy Erick took some really awesome pictures there. I had a doctor's appointment a few blocks from there this afternoon so I strolled over after my appointment.
This is above the entrance to St. Andrew's Cathedral.
There were flower arrangement offerings along the side.
The stained glass windows were beautiful.
Aren't the columns and ceiling just gorgeous?!
I purposely underexposed this shot so you can see the reflections from the windows.There was a Japanese bridal couple there (my favorite) so I started shooting some pictures. I thought if nobody scolded me it must be okay.
I got scolded right after this shot . . .
by this lady.
So I wandered over to the adjacent building which was called Parke Chapel.
I looooved the look of this walkway, but the windows were all kapakahi, some open, some not, some open only halfway so I walked down and opened them all about even. I was sure I was REALLY gonna get a scolding then . . . but must be no one saw me.
I went back into St. Andrews Cathedral and sneaked this shot, just so that I could have the last say.


susie said...

AWSOME guttsie shots!!! You Are the bomb!!!

Erick said...

That stained glass on the floor is so creative and incredible. And the sneaky wedding shots are great too. Excellent job!

jalna said...

Thanks Susie and Erick!!