Sunday, May 31, 2009

Black Books - Estria Graffiti Battle

The One and Only - Katch 1

The Vendors - Estria Graffiti Battle

There are so many images for me to share with you from the Undivided Hip Hop Movement event this past Saturday that I decided to post them in groups. They're more to come.

Here are some of the vendors. I wish I had been more systematic in catching them all, but I wasn't. Aaaagggrrrr. I could've had more for you. Aaaaggggrrrr.

Here is Braddah and his son Akahi. Braddah and his partner Mark have a company called Besoe SoFResh.
This is Tony (Pest 3) . He helped paint the awesome Kanaloa mural across from the McCully Zippy's.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Preview Shots - Estria Graffiti Battle

Unbelievable talent . . . gathered together. Here's a preview of some of the happenings at the event.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay until the end so I don't know who won the battle, but I do have pictures of the works in progress. I'll be posting them soon. In the meantime . . .