Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bane of My Existence

Wendell "scored" this ice machine awhile back. Some business was getting a new one and was gonna dump it. I HATE IT. It's huge and the only place it fits is outside our bedroom window. When I'm at home I spend a good deal of my time in the bedroom 'cause that's where my computer is. The ice machine is so LOUD when it's running it irritates me to death. Wendell turns it on almost every weekend so that he can have ice to chill the drinks for after his softball games. He thinks he's saving CHOKE money by not having to buy bags of ice, but I often wonder how much running the machine adds to my electric bill. Anyway, I was particularly annoyed by the noise one afternoon and composed the following e-mail entitled "Please Join Me in Prayer". Much to my chagrin later, I realized that I had e-mailed it to WAAAAY too many people than I should have.

Subject: Please join me in prayer
Let us begin . . . "Please God, can you somehow cause that #$%^&' ICE MACHINE TO BREAK SO THAT IT CAN NEVER, EVER BE REPAIRED. That constant racket of droning, engine running, water running, water filling, tray turning, ice CRASHING into bin is driving me INSANE. I promise I will be a good person from now on. I will be patient and kind. I will not answer back to my mom. I will go to church once. I will TRY really, really hard not to curse. Please, God, whatever it takes. Thank you in advance. Amen"

It never did break. It still works, loud and clear, every weekend. By the way, since it's in this picture, do you see that numbered pole thing on the right? It's an extendible mango picker that Wendell made. It's soooo neat. It can get really long. Brandee borrowed it once to steal avocados from her neighbor's tree.


Dd said...

SOOOO.........we have an ice machine on our lanai...of our tiny 1 bedroom condo....if Glenn is out of town. I TURN IT OFF !!!! and turn it back on the day he comes home arghhghghgh

Erick said...

Ha, ha, that ice machine is still alive? Now that you cursed it, I bet it will live forever.