Thursday, November 13, 2008

Troy Dunn - The Locator

Have you ever watched The Locator on WE TV (Channel 66)? Troy Dunn and his crew help people reunite with long-lost loved ones. I cry every single time I watch an episode. I cry even when I view the same episode again. If you click on my link you can watch some excerpts from the show and despite the annoying Pillsbury ad that keeps popping up, you're gonna cry too . . . even you, Erick.


The Locator said...

I am happy to hear you are a fan of my show. Having perused your blog, I am a new fan of your photography! What a gift.
Please keep watching The Locator and spread the good word about it so we can continue making reunion dreams come true! :-)
God bless,
Troy Dunn
"The Locator"

Leslie's pics said...

damn you woman! Stop showing me these shows! I'm running out of kleenex!

Dd said...

whaaaaa.......okay am composed now, OMG !! The locator is a fan......holy moly !

Erick said...

My TV can't doesn't have the WE channel, isn't that the girl channel? Ha, ha, ha, just kidding I'll check it out.