Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Kai - 11 Weeks Old

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hialohaft said...

Kai is getting so big and so cute!

Anonymous said...

curious, do you have as many pictures of Langdon when he was a baby? LOL

Honolulu Aunty said...

Too cute! And he poses for you!

Anonymous said...

J, he has such soulful eyes. Ack Cute overload. -N

Anonymous said...

The many adorable faces of Kai! 🥰 He is so cute! I see he’s into sticks now. LOL


Chet Colson said...

Contented. Kai grew fast.

K and S said...

so cute and getting bigger each week

Susan said...

Such a handsome boy! I wanna give him a big hug !

Dd said...

hummmm......likes to chew on twigs ????

jalna said...

Fay, sooo fast he's growing.

V, I did take loads of pictures of Lan, but that was back in the day of film so, no, not as much as Kai.

N, he's still enjoying your toys, and I neva even bust all of them out yet.

Izsmom, LOL.

Chet, really fast.

Kat, thanks.

Susan, 🥰

Dd, and dirt and dried leaves and grass.

KirkK said...


DNakamaru said...

I haven’t been checking all your posts but I’m glad I started. Kai is super cute!!!

jalna said...

Kirk, thank you!!

jalna said...

Hey Dean!! Thanks!