Thursday, May 23, 2024


I'm thinking that maybe I should make me a banh mi sandwich so that I can make use of my home-grown cilantro before somebody else gets to it.  🤣



Anonymous said...

I always try to grow cilantro because I love it but it doesn't seem to time with what I want to eat. Like, when it is at it's best stage, I have a number of dinner or lunch invites with tons of leftovers. Or, it rains torrents so they all rot.
You should grow extra for your cuz G because he loves cilantro too! Nah...he CLAIMS to have that gene that makes it taste like soap. Good, more for us!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Years ago I used to be able to grow a whole patch of cilantro in the ground. Lately it has been SO difficult - both in the ground (slugs, ugh) and in a container. Good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

J, record and take many pix. Puppies are only Puppies for such a short while and they'll be big forever. Before this Era of cell and digital I simply did not take actual pics of my litters and only have memories. They drove me nuts but wish I took pics. Like human babies they grow up too fast. -N

Anonymous said...

LOL…So cute!


K and S said...


Chet Colson said...

I hope Kai not going tamper with the cilantro.

jalna said...

V, didn't know there was such a gene. LOL.

Aunty, I planted a whole bunch of seeds and this is the only one that sprouted.

N, he is growing sooooo fast.

Izsmom, ❤️

Chet, it's a little high for him . . . now.