Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Thanks to Leslie, I've been listening to Marie Kondo's audiobook "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying", and it has been pretty life changing. 

See the chopsticks below? The ones in the holder had remained wrapped, unused and stored away in a kitchen drawer for years. What was I waiting for? The old chopsticks to break? 

The book taught me to appreciate things for the joy they bring and then when they've served their purpose to let them go.  Even sentimental things have their time. 

So, I thanked the old chopsticks for their years of service and I threw them away. It felt pretty liberating. 

If you google "konmari" you can view other people's accounts of how Marie Kondo's methods have affected their lives. 



DNakamaru said...

Oh man! We get stuff in the box for years too!

I shall follow your lead! New year - New things!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Jalna, I started decluttering with Mari Kondo, too! She says do it in one shot, but that "shot" is lasting months, but it is happening! I did my blouses, and I fold my undies her way, but I skip around and did my kitchen (well, still in the process). For the first time ever, my kitchen counters are clear of oils, tools, and spices and I LOVE it!

Congrats, and keep up the good work! My impossibly cluttered house is slowly transforming. I think she should be awarded the Nobel Prize or something.

K and S said...

we have decluttered quite a bit using her methods

Anonymous said...

I bought that book probably over a year ago and never read it. I see it every so often whenever I'm looking for stuff that I can't find because I'm so messy. One day......... But then I won't be able to remember where I last saw it. V

Chet Colson said...

that was an insightful. I been practicing "Minimalism" or decluttering if need be too. For me experiences has now replaced possessions. Not to say that we don't need "things" in our lives. I've downsized and try not to acquire things with age, I hopes wisdom is a byproduct of getting makule...lol. Things breakdown or outlives its usefulness. Traveling, enjoying good food and friends seems important to me now. But, that's not to say I'm going to give up my MacBook Pro, phone or surfboard....ha.

jalna said...

For real, Dean! Marie recommends that you unwrap things right away and use them.

Hahahaha, Aunty, I agree . . . Nobel Prize!! I no can in one shot either . . . I got too much crap. Congratulations on your clear kitchen counter. That's so awesome.

Kat, the best thing is that I don't feel guilty about tossing things out anymore.

V, maybe you need the audiobook like me so that you can listen to it in the car.

Chet, I like your minimalism philosophy. I hope to follow it too.

Unknown said...

Regarding saving "special" things for later use, wasn't it Erma Bombeck who said to use it now, rather than saving it for a future day that might never come? None of us are immortal (what???), so her suggestion was, I think, to live in the "now". Then, there's not wanting my son to have to deal with things I couldn't let go of, when I am gone. Didn't want to saddle him with that, so about 3 months ago, I started packing up things (one big pile is to donate for the Relay for Life, another pile is for the Kauai Japanese Cultural Society, other stuff got dumped). But I like donating what I don't use/need; things get recycled that way (and then they can clutter up someone else's house).

jalna said...

Me too Lorna . . . been thinking about Landon getting stuck with all my stuff. And I agree that donating is always good.

Leslie's pics said...

haha I even tell my car "thank you for getting me home safely" sometimes! :) There's no way i'd empty out my purse every night when i come home though, that's nuts!

Kay said...

I need to declutter so badly! It's really hard to get rid of things though.

Susan said...

Funny, my daughter has the book and I started reading it last summer. I did get rid of a truck load of stuff and I have ONE drawer of undershirts that's nicely rolled up and by colors. In my situation it's only doable if #1, I get rid of the people in the house along with the stuff...and #2 if I don't ever sleep until it's all done...and #3 if the grandkids outgrow nerf guns and legos which the first 2 things will never, ever happen and #3 is still a long ways off...but I do still plan to continue decluttering at my own pace. It really is liberating! : )

jalna said...

She must have a pretty empty purse yah, Les.

Kay, your house seems to be very neat and tidy already.

Susan, I know what you mean about other people in the house, but so far just tackling my stuff alone has freed up lots of space.