Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Maui 2017 A.G.(After Goats)

After visiting the goat farm, we headed southward toward lunch . . . Bully's Burgers.  I had seen photos and articles online about the burger and wanted to try it.

Maui Time has declared Bully’s Burgers the “Best Burger Ever!” Their all natural beef burgers are served up hot and fresh daily, but you’ve gotta be ready to make the trip to get there. From what I hear it is well worth the adventure…and if you’re in Maui, why not go for a little adventure in pursuit of an amazing burger? You’ll find them on Kanaio, which is past the Ulupakalua Winery.

On the way we made a stop at Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm. 


It was here where I understood just what "Upcountry Maui" means. It means being situated on the slopes of Haleakala with its cool air and misty hills. It means fertile soil and beautiful landscape.

Wandering through the sloping fields at this elevation helped me earn my first FitBit Happy Hill badge for climbing the equivalent of 10 floors!

I noticed some movement in one particular patch of flowers. Do you see him?

A tiny mouse was scurrying around between the stalks!

I had read that animals didn't like the taste of lavender, but this guy apparently didn't read that article.

One particular patch of lavender looked fresher than others so I switched to my macro lens to get a few close-up shots.




Further down the hill near the gift shop was a garden with assorted plants. 









By the time we were done at the lavender farm it was way past lunchtime and we were HUNGARY. We jumped into our rental and headed towards Piilani Highway and Bully's Burgers. The GPS told us that it was still about half hour away.

The road was windy, and I started getting carsick. The half hour seemed like two hours. Finally, Ms. GPS told us that we were getting closer . . . and closer . . . and closer . . . and then past . . . Wha???  

It was supposedly a roadside burger stand situated in an area that we could easily see. You can see a photo of the stand here. I also stole the picture of the below menu from the website. I never got to take my own photos because apparently THE PLACE CLOSED DOWN.  After discovering this fact from some nice people at a honey stand, we backtracked.


The Ulupalakua Ranch Store was about 5 minutes back from the honey stand. The guy at the stand said that the burgers at the Ranch Store were just as good as Bully's. 




Leslie and I both ordered the beef burger with cheddar cheese.

They were grilled outside.


I thought that it was just awright. 

After lunch we headed back north to Komoda Bakery in Makawao.


Even though most of the shelves were empty, we found just what we came for.


These buns were soft and on the sweeter side, kinda like ensamada. We liked um!

This was also good!

I was expecting to love the famous Komoda Bakery cream puff, but unfortunately I didn't. It was the vanilla-pudding-like filling that failed to impress me.

Our next stop was Maui Specialty Chocolates in Kahului. We had hoped to pick up some Chocolate Truffle Mochi.

But no such luck. 

We decided to skip dinner because we were full from snacking, so our last stop before filling up gas and heading to the airport was Ah Fook's Supermarket where I wanted to finally get some Maui Manju to bring home. But, I had no luck here either. All they had was the same Home Maid Bakery kine that we can find on Oahu. So guess what I bought instead.  Maui Natto!  Almost same thing . . . right?

That was a fun, goat-filled, lavender, guri-guri day! Thanks Les!


Leslie's pics said...

hmmmm....where's Leslie at the Lavender farm??? She's no where to be found.... :-) So cute your mouse pics! Did Landon and Wendell taste the natto yet?

mmiissee said...

Awesome photos Jalna!
Good eye catch on the cute little field mice...cute!
I love Maui.

Anonymous said...

Looked like it was a fun filled day! Thanks for sharing.


K and S said...

love the lavender from that place, though I've never actually visited it.

jalna said...

Hahahaha, Les!! Landon did. He said the only difference to him was that the beans were harder than usual.

Thanks Mmiissee!

It was a fun day, Izsmom!

I'm glad they were in bloom, Kat.

Honolulu Aunty said...

So fun, you and Les are such great friends, both with awesome camera skills and eyes.

Chet Colson said...

Beatiful proteas. I agree, the cream puffs are overrated. I rather have Liliha bakeries coco puffs.

jalna said...

Aunty, we really are good friends . . . even though I could be her mom! And we get to work together too!

Chet, I was thinking the exact thing about the coco puffs.

Susan said...

I would love that lavender place!

Kay said...

Really? You didn't like the Komoda bakery cream puff? I ate so many of those donuts. The people behind the counter weren't very friendly, but the pastries, I loved.

jalna said...

It was a neat place to visit, Susan!

No, Kay, I didn't care for the filling. It was too much like pudding. I think the texture I prefer has cornstarch in it.