Tuesday, January 10, 2017


We had oden for dinner last night.  It was a first for us. Landon and I had watched an episode of 72 Hours on NHK where they focused on an oden stand for 72 hours. The slurping of the customers there made the oden look so ono that we wanted to try some. 

I bought different kinds of fishcake, some daikon, aburage and konyaku. Landon did the cooking.  He added smoky sausages, spam and boiled eggs. 

I was surprised at how tasty the dish was. The shiru (soup) was really good . . . heavy on the bonito flavor.


It was made with this . . . one bag to 5 cups of water. I got it from Marukai.


Unknown said...

Wow. Did not know they made special dashi for this. I usually just use the packets of dashi for saimin/ramen. And I've never added spam or sausage! Whaddaya know????

K and S said...


Susan said...

I know what you mean about watching people slurp while eating. I was at a Japanese restaurant and saw a couple of men eating ramen. All the slurping and how they can swallow a whole load of really hot noodles is amazing. They made me hungry all over again and i just finished eating my food. Haha

Anonymous said...

You mean you never ate oden before???? the whole reason to go to Japan is to buy oden from the convenience stores! Or do you mean you never made it before? I never did make it either, just rely on my mom and aunty for my fix. Also buy it from Marukai.

Years ago, on my first trip to Japan, I had imagined that there were carts along the streets that sold oden, I guess similar to the yataimura(?) stalls in Fukuoka and it was on my must do list. My (Korean) boss who treated me and my husband to Japan and Korea claimed to have researched that there was an oden shop in Osaka that had a fire burning to cook the oden for over 400 years so he assigned his staff to look for it and take us there. Well, his staff is not going to fail, not an option if you watch Korean dramas, so they took us to an oden shop in the subway shopping area that was all sparkling clean and new and said this is it! We could see the gas knobs and lines hooked to the metal pan that contained the oden. Regardless, it was very good!

Anonymous said...

oh, and my favorite piece is the mochi tucked into an aburage pouch and tied with kanpyo. You can buy it separately from the freezer section in Marukai if you buy the prepackaged set. v

Chet Colson said...

adding kombu would have enhanced it, for me anyway. Right up my alley.

jalna said...

Lorna, I liked the sausage and spam! LOL.

I was so surprised how good it was, Kat.

For real yah, Susan.

I never ate it before, V! I always thought it looked so bland. Boy was I wrong! I've seen that pouch before! Didn't know there was mochi in it!!

Maybe next time we'll add the konbu, Chet. I noticed it on picture of the dashi box.

Arlene said...

The open soup mix is so yummy. My little bit different ingredient is red potatoes, so good after cooking in the oden broth. I'm not big on the pre-packaged sets they sell, I prefer buying the different ingredients separately to get a mix that I like. I threw in broccoli once, but it made the soup funky so never again! I've always wanted to put in Japanese stuffed cabbage ("roll cabbage"), but I'm too lazy to make them.

Chet Colson said...

Good eyes and observation, I completely missed the konbu on the box, must be old age...lol.

jalna said...

LOL Arlene . . . thanks for the tip about broccoli. So funny. Red potatoes sound good. Lan would like that.

Chet, I only noticed because I had to look at the picture to figure out what kine ingredients to buy.

Leslie's pics said...

oh that looks gooood!!!