Sunday, January 15, 2017


I saw this at Foodland yesterday and got all excited. I never ate a tangelo before, but because of the knobby top I wondered if they were like dekopan oranges which I love.  You can check out my dekopan experience here.  

If they were similar to dekopan,  $.99/pound would be a bargain. I bought four and crossed my fingers.


I chose this one for my first taste. It looked really good on the outside.

And on the inside too. Except for the seeds, it looked just like a dekopan.  And it was very plump and juicy. 

The taste?  Kinda sow-wah.  Shucks.  I wonder if it's a little too early in the season. The Cara Cara oranges that I just got at Marukai were a bit sour too.  

I think I'll keep trying. 


Anonymous said...

I had some Cara Cara oranges from Sam's this past week. Some nice folks brought them to share at a work meeting. Of the pieces I tried, half were sweet and the other half were not quite there yet. Still good though! - L

Anonymous said...

The Cara Cara oranges at the Beretania Safeway are sweet! They have it at the Pali store too, but it's kind of hit and miss with the ones there.


jalna said...

Awwww, so nice, L.

Thanks, Izsmom!

K and S said...


Anonymous said...

I just found some dekopan at the Marukai on Dillingham but it was $5.50 a pound. I only bought a couple but both were juicy and tasty. I think a little early in the season. Whole Foods, Times and Safeway had them but it was a treasure hunt going to all the different stores trying to find the cheapest price.

Chet Colson said...

Too bad for the Sow Wah experience. Guess, looks can be deceiving. At least, you got your Vitamin C.

jalna said...

Yah, Kat . . . and I still gotta eat the other ones that I bought.

V, $5.50/pound!! But kinda worth it if it's sweet yah.

LOL, true dat, Chet.

Susan said...

Eating sour fruit with salt usually makes it taste better, so they say. I always look for the cara cara oranges at the store I first bought it. Haven't seen it since! We do have those tangelos though but never tried it.

Leslie's pics said...

man! i wanna go back to japan just for the oranges! I totally splurged on those, i think i ate one almost everyday!

jalna said...

Susan, it's cara cara season now so keep looking!

So good yah, Les!