Sunday, January 22, 2017

Maui 2017 B.G.

These are the photos from the trip that I took B.G. (before goats). 

We had an early morning flight, and it was still dark when we left Oahu.


The last time I visited Maui was in 2006 and again it was with Leslie. We went there to take photos for some photo contest. This was before I started blogging so I had to dig into my archives (several boxes filled with CDs) so that I could find the photos and figure out what year it was that we went. I'll post those photos later if they're worthy.

The weather was perfect for me . . . nice and nippy.

It was pretty quiet at the airport.

Leslie treated me to a Strawberry Acai Refresher. It was super refreshing.

Our first stop was Sam Sato's for breakfast.

It had a very hometown feeling inside.







Leslie and I shared the popular Dry Noodles, a dish where the noodles and shiru are served separately, much like tsukemen-style ramen, where you dunk your noodles into the soup before you eat. The noodles were very al dente and the broth tasty, but I'm not sure if I would order this again.

We also tried the manju. They were 75 cents each and kinda tiny.

They have either azuki or lima filling. I shoulda bought some from here to bring home, but I thought that they were too small and I figured I'd find manju elsewhere to bring home. (I ended up being wrong about this, BTW.)


Next stop was Home Maid Bakery.  Does anyone know why it says "1005" on the sign?

I didn't buy manju from here either because they looked exactly like the kind you can find at lots of stores on Oahu. I wanted something more "found only on Maui".

I was surprised that the bakery carried refrigerated meals to take out. 


Our last stop before going to the goat dairy was Tasaka Guri Guri.


It was kinda a bad idea to go there because . . . 

the guri guri was so ono . . . and it brought back memories of eating it when they had a branch in Moiliili . . . and now I'm gonna miss it again.

Next stop is the Surfing Goat Dairy!


Dd said...


Susan said...

Fun trip! I went to the Japanese store last week and found some Okinawan Soba in the freezer section from Sun Noodle! Noodles are very al dente and the broth just like how remembered it from an Okinawan restaurant we had years ago. Only thing missing is the spare ribs and kamaboko in the soup.

Anonymous said...

1005 is the address of HomeMaid Bakery. I googled it, 1005 Lower Main St. LOL! Long time ago there was so many omiyage you could only buy on Maui that you could bring back; Shishido mochi/manju, Kitchen Cooked Maui Chips, Home Maid Bakery Manju, Komodo Bakery Long Johns, Sam Sato Manju/turnovers, Azeka Market Ribs, etc. Now some of these you can get on Oahu.

The last time we went to Sam Sato's, (over 5 yrs ago), it was lunchtime and it was busy! It looked like everyone was ordering the dry noodle dish. I remember ordering it and enjoying it, but I think it had more Char Siu and green onions than what they serve now. Hahaha.

I miss the Maui of the past, when you really felt like you were in the country....sigh! Looking forward to more pics of your Maui trip. Thanks for sharing your adventures!


Leslie's pics said...

so, I talked to my friend and she said we were supposed to buy the mochi filled manju from Homemaid Bakery. I saw it, it was on the bottom shelf. They only sell it on Maui or sometimes at KTA on the big island...aaarrrggghhhhhh!!!!!

K and S said...

I think there was a copycat recipe for guriguri on the internet, if I find it, I'll email you

Kalin's Mommy said...

Ew, I see bean sprouts in the noodles...that's good to know for future reference. Looks like you folks had a good time!

jalna said...

Shucks, Dd, maybe gotta try next time.

Sounds so good, Susan!

Da address, Izsmom!!! I shoulda known. LOL!! I just looked up Shishido Manju . . . an article said that a family dispute caused the closing of the 55-year-old business. Sad. Looks like the manju and mochi were good.

Nooooooooo, Les!!

Kat, I see several recipes online, but not sure which one to use.

LOL, I totally didn't even notice, Mich.

Chet Colson said...

Same here, haven't been to Maui in a while. Sam Sato's brings back memories. Ya, the manju was smaller when I bought back home, but still ono. Maui it definitely getting more expensive.

jalna said...

Chet, I so shoulda got the manju from Sam Sato's.

Ainakoa said...

Neat pictures !! I know where I'm going next time I'm in Maui. W.A.G. ?? 1005 is the address of Home Maid Bakery !!

jalna said...

Thanks, Ainakoa!