Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Maui Omiyage

Here's the omiyage I brought back from Maui. 

Goat cheese: Top: O Sole Mio (sun-dried tomatoes), Middle: Ole! (jalepeno, artichoke, cilantro, lime juice), Udderly Delicious (plain), Bottom: Brick (aged in wax), Ivory Coast (fresh-cracked black Telligerry peppercorns), Garden Fantasia (fresh garden herbs)

I got this natto from Ah Fooks' Supermarket in lieu of manju . . . and guess what! My brother said it's the best natto he ever ate in his whole life!! Whoot! Whoot! (or whatever cool thing young people say nowadays). Try googling "hama natto" (浜納豆).  It's seems to be a different variety of natto, supposedly more miso-y and not as sticky as regular natto. Some pictures show it to be very dark and dry looking. So interesting. I'm wondering now if the Chinese black beans is a form of dried natto. Might be, yah?

I got this from Ah Fook's too. It was the last one. I gave this also to my brother. Don't tell him, but before giving it to him I carefully opened it up and cut a slice off one end to taste. I like Kauai kulolo better. 

This was from Home Maid Bakery. It was good if you thought "brownie" instead of "mochi" while eating it. 

Wish I coulda brought back some guri guri.  Guess I gotta learn how to make my own. 


Kalin's Mommy said...

You could have brought back the Guri Guri, they pack it special for you to hand carry on the plane. :)

Leslie's pics said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! You stole a slice!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...


jalna said...

Mich, I did see a sign saying they could pack for travel, but woulda been too iffy since we were traveling standby. I'm looking at ice cream makers now! Hahahaha!

Les, he probably didn't even notice. LOL!! He said he ate the whole thing by himself.

Even though I neva bring back any manju, yah, Aunty.

K and S said...

everything sounds ono! (except the natto):p

Chet Colson said...

Ahhh.....kulolo. Haven't eaten it in SO long. Yummy omiyage. Haven't acquired a taste for natto.

Susan said...

LOL! Well, if there was only one left, I think I would cut a piece to try too...haha! Interesting that guri guri. I saw a vid of Chef Keoni of Foodland making it.

Myko said...

no one beats Kauai Gold Kulolo.

jalna said...

Funny, Kat!

Me too, Chet . . . even though I've tried and tried because it's supposedly so good for you, I can hardly get even one bean into my mouth.

I know you would, Susan! LOL! I'm gonna try make some guri guri!

Ahhhhh, so that's what it's called, Myko. Thanks!

Kay said...

Art loves kulolo!