Saturday, January 21, 2017


The main reason I went to Maui yesterday was to see some goats. Leslie always liked goats, so when a Groupon thing for Surfing Goat Dairy became available, she bought it.

Me? I was never into goats. They got those weird, spooky eyes and all. But I agreed that it would be a good photo opportunity so I said okay. 

The pen that was closest to the check-in place at the dairy held a few babies who were only a week or two old. I wandered on over as Leslie checked us in.

The baby goat below had wedged himself between a post and a fence and had trouble getting himself out. He totally stole my heart, and I found myself giggling and saying over and over, "Sooooo cuuuuuuuute!"


More pictures to come. 


Chet Colson said...

did you try goat's milk, it's has good health benefits?

Honolulu Aunty said...

Sooo cute! On one of our first dates, my not yet husband said that I had goat eyes. Hmmm. Not sure if that was a compliment but I took it in stride.

jalna said...

Not the milk, Chet, but we did try the cheese. Me and Les were so surprised at how ono it was. And yes, it's has less calories, fat and cholesterol and more vitamins and minerals than cow's milk.

Too funny, Aunty!!

K and S said...

so cute!

jalna said...

I admit it, Kat . . . they were.

Susan said...

I grew up with goats in the yard. They have a smell. Yes, they're cute but, I remember in Okinawa, people ate them, like my parents and I tried some too. Very gamey. I'd like to try the milk and cheese.

Leslie's pics said...


Mokihana said...

I love goats... they're so cute!! Don't you love hearing them bleat at you?? Looking forward to more photos!

jalna said...

You grew up with goats, Susan?! That's pretty cool!

LOL, Les . . . that guy was adorable!!

Moki, their bleats were so funny to me!!!