Saturday, January 7, 2017

Watch Repair Kit

I've always had a fascination with the inside of watches. I like to watch YouTube videos showing watches being disassembled. So when I saw this watch repair kit on an Amazon Lightening Deal for less than $15 I got it. 

I don't expect to be able to fix watches, but I thought that just being able to take them apart would be neat. 


I also got these batteries. They were only $5.12 for both cards!

I got these watches from the swap meet. It's from a guy that we used to call "the funny guy" until we learned that his name is James. When I told James that I was looking for broken watches, he gave me these for free. So awesome, yah.

After watching a few YouTube videos on how to open up watches I was ready.  I chose this watch first.

I used a jeweler's loop to find the notch where I needed to pry open the back.

I was surprised at how easily it popped off. 

I was also surprised that it's a 17-jewel watch . . .

and is a mechanical wind-up watch and not battery operated. I set the watch aside. I need to do more research.

I grabbed this watch.


I found the notch.

This one popped open easily too. Notice "NO JEWELS" and plastic parts. 

I used the tweezer from my kit to nudge the battery out of the watch.

I found a matching-sized battery from my assortment.

Perfect fit!

I closed up the back and now the watch works!!  Yippee!

P.S. I "fixed" four watches so far by replacing the batteries. They all had almost the exact configuration as the "No Jewel" China watch. Gonna give them back to James. Maybe he'll give me more watches to fuss around with. 


Susan said...

You just proved, once again, to be the coolest person I know!

Anonymous said...

j: I have someplace around here my bro's broken watches so I'll try to round 'em up and give 'en to you...and they're men's watches so I no like dem back -N (PS you watch watches on Youtube, I watch surgeries, I'm macabre that way)

Anonymous said...

Jalna, you're nuts!


K and S said...


Honolulu Aunty said...

You SO good!!! You want some business?

Leslie's pics said...

that blue one was so cute!!

jalna said...

LOL, Susan.

N! Surgeries! The most I can handle is watching Dr. Now on my 600 lb. Life.

No act, Kevin! You da one that takes apart camera lenses . . . YOU.

Neat yah, Kat!

No like business, Aunty. I'm rough on the watches trying to pry them open.

I thought so too, Les!

Mark Shelby said...

That's really brave of you to attack the watches Jalna! I think you like a challenge! ; )

jalna said...

LOL, Mark . . . only if the watches are already broken.