Monday, January 9, 2017

Swap Meet Buys - 1/8/17

Here are a few of my purchases from yesterday.

This was $1. Me and Wendell challenge each other with the hard ones. Don't tell him that I admitted this, but . . . he's better than me.

I got this for Wendell.  It was $5. It's a router bit set. 

Not sure if I'm keeping this one, but the seller is a really nice guy and I wanted to give him some business.

Got this one from him too.

Jumbo boiled peanuts, $5.

This was $1. I'm thinking of making some kind of wind chime with it because it makes a nice sound when they clink together. 

Instead of decorating my nails with this  . . . 

I'm thinking of blinging my FitBit.

Only $2!! I need some kind of stand for it now.

Gonna use these to embellish greeting cards. Someday.

50 cents. 

This was $1. Gonna start exercising again. Someday.

Got this for 25 cents.  Plan to teach nephew Colin how to play.

Soooooo cute yah!  It was $1.  Gonna give to Leslie so that she can use for newborn baby shoots. Kona was hoping that it was for him.

Crispy beef jerky made by a new company ($10). Smaller packages for $5 were also available. I picked the "Chiyaki" flavor (chiapotle/teriyaki). It's good. They also had garlic and spicy flavors.

Here's one of their cards. You can order via their website here and pick up at their retail location at 1034 Queen Street. Or just go and see what they have on hand. Hours are Monday - Wednesday: 9 to 5 or Saturday - Sunday: 11 to 7. Good to support these legit nice-guy entrepreneurs.

I got this for Colin too. It was $1. He needs to give several classroom demonstrations, and I'm hoping that the kit might contain an easy card trick for him to perform. 

This was $3. Might come in handy. Someday.

This picture is actually from last month, but I wanted to share. It was selling for $2,000.

Here are a few of my swap meet friends. 


mmiissee said...

Yay! We got same FitBit. It's the best decision I've made.
I try my best to get at least 6,000 steps daily.

Chet Colson said...

Jalna, the last photo at the bottom. The second guy on the left, my girlfriend and I always see him at Liliha McDonald's when we have breakfast on weekends. I call him Samurai because he wears a t-shirt with a samurai on it. Didn't know you knew Tiny Tidani.

K and S said...

nice finds!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Fun! I was just thinking that I should go to the swap meet again. I like the Filipino food there. And the $free99 entry price. And the hunt for treasure. Hmmmm. Maybe next week.

alibaba37 said...

I always love your swap meet posts and really like the pictures of your friends.

Susan said...

Wow! Great buys! I'be been going to our local flea market but usually just to buy vegetables, fish, and eat breakfast. I need to look for treasures like you!

Leslie's pics said...

whoa the tidy lady would have a field day with you! hahhahaha! So cute your pictures with your new friends. :)

KitTKat said...

Every time I go I find nothing. I gotta try again and see what kind deals I can get.

jalna said...

Mmissee, now with the FitBit I know how inactive I am!

I love that guy, Chet. He's very spiritual. Me and my sister call him "Sensei" because he teaches Aikido.

Thanks, Kat.

It's so good fun yah, Aunty.

Thank you, Alibaba.

It's kinda relaxing to me, Susan.

I think swap meet shopping is the opposite of decluttering yah, Les.

Kat, sometimes it's like that for me too. Now is a good time to go 'cause it's a lot cooler.

Chet Colson said...

My bad. I thought the guy in the photo was Tiny Tadani, second from the right.

jalna said...

LOL, Chet . . . wasn't sure if you were joking or not, but I knew which one you were talking about.