Monday, January 3, 2022

Artesano Rolls

 Landon got these Sara Lee rolls from Safeway to make steak sandwiches, and I liked it a lot.


He first lightly toasted it with a bit of butter in a frying pan and then inserted some sliced prime rib and onions.  He also made a horse-radish sauce to go with it.  The bread was light and airy with a bit of a crunch on the outside.  Soooo ono!!
IMG_9821 2


Anonymous said...

Omigosh that looks so delicious!


Anonymous said...

J, i bought it too but haven't tried it yet. You make it seem so ono, N

Anonymous said...

oh, this sounds like such a good idea!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Oh my! Something else I gotta try!

Chet Colson said...

Interesting, sausage flavor. Like that there is no preservatives. I love artisan bread.

K and S said...

looks ono !

Anonymous said...

this inspired me to make a philly cheesesteak probably this weekend!
gonna eat salad until then, LOL

jalna said...

Izsmom, I'm craving more now. LOL.

N, you're gonna like it!

V, uuuuuu, sounds good!

Aunty, was so ono.

Chet, I love it now too.

Kat, yah!!

Susan said...

Wow that looks awesome!!...there's a hotdog bun that's yellowish in color that my son makes crab rolls with by doing what your son does. Really good!

jalna said...

Siusan, that sounds so good!!

Anonymous said...

I made philly cheesesteak following this idea. Was so broke-da-mout ono! I bought shabu shabu sliced meat from Times and onion, mushroom and bellpepper. Get this, on Time's bread aisle, they had some mainland french rolls for $5.99 but when I went to the local breads by the deli side, they had local hoagies for $4.99 and the bread was twice as big as the mainland one. (which might not be a good thing, oink oink,) Oh, and I had sliced provolone from Costco.
super simple to make!

jalna said...

V, wow!!!