Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Wendell's Buttermilk Pancakes

This is Wendell's current favorite pancakes.  The recipe comes from the DLS cookbook that he got for Christmas.  He's made it a choke number of times already.


Here's the recipe.  To make the amount in the photo above, Wendell cuts everything in fourth except for the egg.  He just uses one small egg.


Honolulu Aunty said...

I usually don't eat pancakes but this one I would with butter and maple syrup, side of bacon or portuguese sausage. So Yum!

Anonymous said...

Looks scrumptious and fluffy!


K and S said...

looks so ono!

jalna said...

Aunty, that sounds good!

Izsmom, there was another recipe that he used to follow that left two spare pancakes which I would eat . . . until I started my diet. After that it went to waste. The amount in this recipe is perfect.

Kat, he loves it.

Susan said...

I love a good pancake mix. I need to try this one!

Anonymous said...

This looks kind of easy to make, except I usually don't have milk or buttermilk on hand, LOL.
I always buy the complete mix from the store, like Aunt Jemima or Krustez. Just add water. So easy.

Chet Colson said...

And Aunt Jermima's Original Syrup on top of the pancakes....yum!!!

jalna said...

Susan, hope you do get to try.

V, I like that Krustez one too.

Chet, yummm!!