Friday, January 21, 2022

Chao Siam Fried Pork Snout

Does fried pork snout sound gross to you?  It does yah.  But it's ono.  Wendell and Landon are so into this right now.   BTW, in case you noticed it, the bag in the lower right corner is half eaten.  We didn't get gypped. 


It's on sale at Longs this week for $2.00 off.  Even with the sale price it's kinda expensive for a tiny bag.


Anonymous said...

Saw that and wondered if it's like chicharon or fried pork rinds. Kind of gross, yah.

I always remember a friend saying vienna sausages were made of pig snouts, lips and asses. Maybe that's why I refuse to eat vienna sausage. Bleeech!

Anonymous said...

I never seen them before! LOL I assume it taste like Fried Pork Rinds?


Honolulu Aunty said...

Okay, maybe not this one for me. Except.....Wendell and Landon really like this. Hmmmmm.

K and S said...

is it like fried pork skin?

jalna said...

V, you had me at asses. 😂😂😂

Izsmom, it is like Pork Rinds, but it's tastier than the kind you find in the big jug at Costco and the texture is a bit crispier too. Also, there's a little bit of fat attached to some of the pieces which adds to the flavor.

Aunty, between Wendell and me going back to Longs several times, we bought a total of 16 bags (!!!) . . . mostly to share, but also for our stash, especially keeping in mind that we didn't wanna spend $2 more per bag after the sale ends.

Kat, just like but more!

jalna said...

Chet Colson said . . .

Have you had,Salit? Pigs ears, sounds gross, but Ono with tabasco. Never had snout. Chinese eat grosser foods ie. Chicken feet

Chet, I don't think I've eaten salit. And yah, chicken feet is kinda weird.

Susan said...

I hear snout, basically pig face, is used to make sisig. We have local pork rinds that ppl from your island were here for work and they were buying up bags of this. They said it was one of the best they've tasted. So of course I had to buy a bag and try it. It was good but not something I eat much of anymore.