Thursday, January 13, 2022

Haggling at Ross

Do you remember the table that I got from Ross for $19.99 around 3 months ago, the Day of the Line Cutter?  Well, Landon's been making good use of it, and Wendell is thinking he could use one as a pupu table for after softball games. 

I've been pretty much only staying at home lately, but now I had a mission.  So I went to several Rosses a few days ago.  There was just one table at the Kahala branch, but it had a pretty big crack in it.

I asked the gal on the floor if they would lower the price because of the crack.  I said that I would pay $10 for it.  She immediately called her manager using her headset thing (so fast nowadays, yah).

Unfortunately, the answer was no, it was too much of a discount.  Shucks.  

Now I'm curious.  I wonder what they do with items that don't sell.



Anonymous said...

Sheesh they should have sold it to you for $10. I don’t think they’re going to get a buyer for it with that crack at the price they’re selling it for.


jalna said...

Izsmom, too bad yah. The manager never really saw how bad the crack was. Now, they're stuck with a table that nobody's gonna buy.

Anonymous said...

J, one time i bought a metal round table that had a small dent. Customer in front of me saw it and told me you can get a discount for damaged stuff, she does it all the time. So I went to the cashier and pointed it out and she immediately offered me a 10% discount, asking me if it was ok. Of course I took it as the dent didn't bother me, but wonder if I could've asked for a bigger discount since she asked it as a question. It seemed to me that this was a regular question asked by customers. Next time bring it to the cashier; they have the power to discount it as she automatically gave me the discount without asking anyone else

K and S said...

their loss

Kay said...

Sheesh! You'd think they'd just give it to you!

Honolulu Aunty said...

It will probably go on clearance. Maybe I'll go in and act like I am interested in the table and offer them $5 for the broken table, lol.

jalna said...

N, thanks! I'll keep it in mind.

Kat, probably doesn't matter to them in the scheme of things.

Kay, LOL.

Aunty, I plan to look if it gets "reduced" the next time I'm there.