Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Going with the Flow

My favorite QOR watercolor paints have a special binder in it that makes it very "flowy".  I played around with the paint the other day.


Anonymous said...

Neat! I love it. I like Jamie Grace’s song too.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Cool! I was just going to ask how it reacts if you spray with water and you did that at the end. It makes me want to play with paint but then if I start I will buy more supplies and then store them and I am trying to do the opposite and clean up nowadays.

K and S said...


jalna said...

Izsmom, thanks. I like the song too . . . and it's the exact length of the video. LOL.

Aunty, I know what you mean about accumulating supplies.

Kat, it is!

Chet Colson said...

Have you had,Salit? Pigs ears, sounds gross, but Ono with tabasco. Never had snout. Chinese eat grosser foods ie. Chicken feet