Friday, August 16, 2019

Random Final Trip Photos

Here are photos, in no particular order, that didn't make the original cut. A lot are phone pictures.

The scene early one morning . . . Cleta's comforter is neatly opened up at a 45-degree angle. Mine is in a clump. I have no idea how it got that way.

Outside of Otokoyama Sake Brewery with our tour escort. 

All of the public restrooms had a sign like this.

Our cones at Farm Tomita.

Somebody else's.

Hay bales at Farm Tomita.

Marimo moss balls at Spherical Moss Exhibition on Churui Island.

Treat in our room at Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings hotel.

Buffet dinner at the same hotel was awesome, but the lighting was dim and I didn't feel like struggling with trying to get good photos so I just took shots of my plate with my phone.

Everything was so yummy.


The next three photos are from Otaru known for its glassworks.



Lift at Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium.

This sign was at the top of the hill. 

Tanukikoji Shopping Street.

This was on the first floor of the Don Quijote near Tanukikoji. 

Late one night we could see office workers still at work in the building across our hotel in Asahikawa. 

Berry bush outside of the Furano Cheese Factory.

Trees on a path to Kaze no Garden on the grounds of the New Furano Prince Hotel. 

Ummm . . . maybe a picture is needed because the first time I used one of these toilets I faced the opposite way and wondered why they made it so hard to flush.

This was our Japan guide for the tour. 

That should do it . . . all pau now!


Anonymous said...

I love the random pics the best! So funny!
Thanks for sharing your trip.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Love your pictures and commentaries! You bring joy.

Anonymous said...

j: ooh marimo moss balls! I bought 'em from Amazon for my former fish tank. I don't know if it helped but they looked cool. I LOVE that pix of you -- you lost weight! It is cuz you're semi-vegan now? I also forgot about those cool toys in the vending machine. Loved all your pixs though I don't comment a lot. -N

Anonymous said...

The reason for the sign telling people to throw their used toilet paper in the toilet is because one group listed throws their used tp on the floor. I heard this group does this because their native plumbing is not made for flushing tp?

K and S said...

nice shots!

Susan said...

Nice summary of your whole trip!

jalna said...

Welcome, Izsmom!

Awww thanks, Aunty.

N, thank you. And no, still fat. I just picked the pictures that hid it.

Anon, that's what I thought.

Kat, thanks.

Susan, thank you.

Mark Shelby said...

It all looks so fun Jalna! Thanks for sharing another trip to Japan!

I've never been. ....Hum?

Leslie's pics said...

So cute the toilet picture! Did you see any crows? I was wondering if you were worried they were gonna attack you...