Sunday, August 11, 2019

Patchwork Road

After visiting the Blue Pond we stopped at Farms Restaurant Chiyoda for lunch.  The restaurant is known for its Biei Wagyu Beef which is raised on their farm.


The tomato dressing on the salad was delicious.

I think this was corn soup. It was also good.

The hamburger was ono, but it was a whole lot of meat for me so I didn't finish it.

There was a zoo of farm animals on the grounds nearby, but I never made it past this sign. I was too afraid of somehow causing the crazy dog to bark.

On the bus again, we traveled along Biei's Patchwork Road making our way to Asahikawa, Hokkaido's second largest city. 







Cleta and I got our favorite kind of dinner from a supermarket in an Aeon Mall in Asahikawa.


Anonymous said...

The Zoo sign is hilarious! Of course your meals all look delicious.


K and S said...

I love the rolling hills in Hokkaido!

Chet Colson said...

The country side reminds me of the Midwest and European countryside, so pretty.

Anonymous said...

j: oooh that burg looks so ono - well everything does. Cute farm too but isn't it their fault that they have a crazy barking dog in what is a visitor's center, so lock up or put away the dog in a barn or something away from that area. No make sense. Why put an animal that triggers other animals out. Hokkaido is a very beautiful countryside though. -N

Mark Shelby said...

All such Beautiful Pics Jalna! I'm reading all of it!

My favorite burger in Hawaii was the Terry Beef King at the Old Jolly Roger in Kahala! Wit one strawberry slush float! Da Float was not good until you got da brain freeze! ...... ; )

Dd said...

ho man....da soup looks ono... instant ??

jalna said...

Izsmom, that sign was enough warning for me to stay away!

Kat, me too.

Chet, so nice yah!

N, maybe Crazy Dog should be put in another part of the farm.

Mark, oooooh Terry Beef King!!

jalna said...

Dd, yah, was instant!

Susan said...

Too funny about the dog! My friend going to Japan this fall...I told her to definitely try getting their meals at the supermarket instead of the restaurant all the time.

jalna said...

Susan, funny how we both just preferred the simple supermarket foods. Maybe too it's because by dinnertime we were just so tired that we just wanted a relaxing meal in the hotel room.

Leslie's pics said...

i wonder how crazy the animals get over there...hey i meant to tell you, one part of India that we're going to got plenty monkeys running around freely on the buildings and stuff. Good thing you not going. you'll probably freak out.

jalna said...

Les, OMG, hang on to your stuff. Not only will they rip your face off, they will steal your bag too.