Monday, August 5, 2019

LK Pho & Sandwich

I was at Ohana Marketplace sometime last week, and just before exiting I decided to get lunch from LK Pho & Sandwich.

I loved Lani, the owner, from the start.  She asked me what my name was. I said, "Jalna". She paused for a second. Then she said, "I'll call you Honey."

I decided on a Wonton Min to go. 


She packed the noodles and broth separately.

There was originally more broth than this. Some spilled on the ride home.


Here it is all assembled at home. It was ono.

The spring roll was yummy too.

Lani's stall is directly to the right of the entrance. I hope you get to try out her food. Tell her Honey said hi. 


Cloudia said...

Looks great! Gotta try

K and S said...

looks good!

Anonymous said...

j: (or is it H now?)oooh another good one I going try. I never heard of wun ton pho either! BTW in the latest Wasabi magazine (da Japanese mag in supermarkets for free) there's our class mate Stan Sakai and guess he's a famous cartoon strip/magazine creator of Miyamoto Yojimbo. Good for him! I never knew he was an artist in high school but then I didn't really know anyone, even you - though I always thought you looked so pretty, but quiet! -N

Susan said...

Haha, Honey it is! I love noodles!

jalna said...

Cloudia, I'm craving it again.

Kat, she was so nice too.

N, I didn't really know anybody in school too, but I kinda remember Stan. Good for him!!! I going look for the magazine now.

Susan, LOL.

Leslie's pics said...

haha you should go with Randy, you guys can order for Rick and Honey....

jalna said...

Les, hahahahaha!!!