Sunday, October 10, 2021

Line Cutter

I was next in line at Ross the other day when this lady blazed by me, and instead of waiting in the queue behind me, she decided to wait here so that she would be helped next.  I guess her dog needed his toy ASAP. 


Here's what I bought.  

I actually bought one of these at the Kahala Ross earlier and liked it so much when I drizzled some on my avocado toast that I went to the Hawaii Kai branch to pick up more.  It was $4.99.

I haven't tried this yet.  There are two servings in this bag.


I also got this small table.  It was $19.99.


Anonymous said...

You are too nice, letting that rude person cut in front of you! I would have said something out loud.


Susan said...

I’ve been avoiding Ross at all costs until I need something like baby gifts which I had to run and get at 6 am yesterday. That’s one thing good about Ross here is the 6 am opening time. I really like that table and I think I saw a lady with several of them in her cart yesterday but I stayed away from areas I didn’t need to be in. : )

Anonymous said...

J, how rude dat lady, she's a Karen.So privileged. Oh that garlic oil sounds lovely; I'm nuts over garlic. Let is know the soup tasted like, loved bone broth. BTW there's a Japanese smiling Mr. Rogers who shows/teaches painting in crayon and oils. His vids are all English captioned. He's amazing like those painters on PBS. A smudges shadow or tree. Check You Tune for Shibasaki. -N

K and S said...

run into line cutters all the time because I’m social distancing and they are not…great finds!

Dd said...

ho.....i had to google "konjac" ;-}

Honolulu Aunty said...

Ho da rude! If was my friend Cookie she would tell the cashiers that they better watch the lines.

But then, you are so nice to let it go. And you had plenty stuff so the girl probably made like she was oblivious and "thought" the line was open for her. You just got one brownie point and she got one taken away.

Kalin's Mommy said...

How RUDE!!!

jalna said...

Izsmom, I almost said something, but decided she wasn't even worth my ire.

Susan, 6 am!!! I would love that.

N, ooooh, I love Shibasaki-san. Still haven't tried the soup yet, but will let you know how I like it.

Kat, it's okay if it's unintentional, but this gal totally looked me in the face when she passed by.

Dd, funny.

Aunty, the poor cashier was alone and the line was long, so I only made small talk and wished her a "nice day".

Mich, totally. At least her dog got a cool toy. LOL.

jenny said...

Ugh! That person is so rude...and what...she thinks her time is more valuable than yours??

Can I tell a's related to this...but this happened to me at Target! The escalator was broken so we all had to stand in line for the elevator...had 3 of us in our groups and this young lady (not really a lady in my opinion) who walks up to the elevator button and just stands there. I eye her out and see if she's with the first group but she wasn't! I don't usually say anything but this time I just had to. I said...there IS a line. She turns to me and says...I really don't care (!!!!). I just roll my eyes and mutter wow under my breath cause no sense fighting with her. The guy in front of me starts going back and forth with her...asking if she's proud of herself (she said she was)...then saying something must be wrong with her (she said everything is wrong with her, she's not wrong there). Anyway, it's so odd cause even after all that...the elevator comes up and she doesn't get the first group does. Then she kept pressing the button as the rest of us took turns getting on. She did get on her phone to start swearing about being late because of the line at the elevator...all so bizarre!

Anonymous said...

not trying to say anything but was this on a Tuesday? Just wanting to make sure you get your discount. :)

jalna said...

Jenny, hey, that "I don't care" gal once stole a parking space that my sister's friend (with a carful of kids) was waiting for. That's what she said when they told her that they had been waiting for the space.

V, no it was on a Friday. 😂