Tuesday, June 9, 2020

On Da Desk

The YouTube tutorial I watched for this drawing demonstrated negative watercolor painting, but it was too hard for me to do it "negatively", so I used colored watercolor pencils instead and colored in the trees instead of the background.


Here's the video:


Anonymous said...

another amazing drawing! You so talented :)

Honolulu Aunty said...

That is hard to do. Esther Nowell taught us that one but I had difficulty. Watercolor painting was wonderful but not for me. I use acrylic paints instead - SO much easier and you can paint over mistakes or even the entire canvas if you don't like it.

Annie said...

That is amazing!

K and S said...

looks so realistic!

Susan said...

Interesting! Looks spooky to me.

Chet Colson said...

YouTube platform is awesome. It has everything. Btw, my baking at the DOE was OJT, no formal education. Had a good mentor. Baking is not easy; especially getting up at 3:30am start work 5am. Eventually the baker developed carnal tunnel from kneading the dough. TG,I is landed a federal job later, work is more cerebral.

Anonymous said...

Neat! I like the three dimensional look. At first glance I thought it was a figurine of coral. LOL


jalna said...

V, thank you. I only know how to copy.

Aunty, I know what you mean. Watercolor is not an easy medium to work with. But I so enjoy watching the effects emerge.

Annie, thanks.

Kat, took me 2 days to complete.

Susan, it is kinda spooky.

Chet, sounds like it was hard work. But good experience.

Izsmom, I thought it was cool looking too.