Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Going Out

I like staying home.

But now after all these months, with places opening up, the thought of coming into contact with strangers and their "germs" gives me anxiety.

Swap meet opened up this past Sunday. I wanted to go. I was gonna go, but I chickened out at the last minute.

My favorite Asian Grocery store opened up and I was planning on going, but again, I chickened out.

Hawaiian Graphics has a pre-inventory 25% off sale right now. 25% OFF SALE!! And you know me and good deals.

So I went yesterday. I got there a few minutes before they opened and waited in the parking lot. I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. I found them and paid for them in a matter of a few minutes. I was out the door before any other customers came in.

This is what I got.

The Asian Grocery store is located a little bit past Hawaiian Graphics. There was parking right in front of the store so I stopped.

There was only one other customer besides me. This is what I bought. 🥳

I had canceled my mammogram and OB doctor appointments a few months ago. I guess I'm gonna have to go soon. But I hope not too soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jalna, I really know how you feel. Just canceled my dentist appointment. My doctor is "old" just like me & I'm worried for both of us! Thank you for going to Asian store first--what are rice flakes? They sort of look like drunken noodles.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Congratulations! Wasn't too bad, right? I can imagine you washing washing washing your hands after.

jalna said...

Hey Anon! I've never used the rice flakes before, but yes, I thought they looked like what's used in drunken noodles so I was curious.

Aunty! I totally feel like Howie Mandel now.

Anonymous said...

Jalna, I really appreciate you expressing your hesitation/concern/fear of going “out” after weeks of staying in. It’s good to read that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Most of the media coverage is about people going out as if everything is “normal”, but I don’t feel normal. I know sometimes you say you’re blogging about something ordinary because nothing much is going on. I actually enjoy the ordinary stuff; because it’s ordinary stuff of someone who lives in a Hawaii! It is also comforting. Thanks! Caroline

Kay said...

I know exactly how you feel. We didn’t go out at all for the first 6 weeks. Then we started venturing out very carefully. Then we were more confident so long as we had our masks and sanitizers with us. Now? With the numbers going up again... I don’t know. I really wanted to go to H Mart... but that will have to wait.

Chet Colson said...

Yay, Asian Grocery is open. About 3 months ago, I called to see if they had a case of Thai rice noodle ramen. They did, however, the employee said their retail operations had ceased. I wanted to stock up, like toilet
I have the same apprehensions about going out too. Anyway, I going out cautiously. I have my own safety protocols to mitigate the fear of the virus.My truck is stocked with masks, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, sanitizers and wipes.

K and S said...

I finally got my hair colored:) feel so much better without the white ...gonna take time to get back out there, just take it slow!

Dd said...

what u gonna do with da tapioca ?? Beverage ?

jalna said...

Caroline, thank you! Am glad at least one other person feels like me. LOL.

Kay, yah, I heard that H Mart is crowded and not too social-distancing friendly.

Chet, I like your preparedness!

Kat, OMG, my hair! I trimmed the top and sides myself, but can't get to the back. I look like I have a mullet now.

Dd, I'm trying to use up canned coconut milk that just expired. That's actually why I made the disastrous green curry. I'm gonna try make tapioca with sweet potato that Diem made one time. Like this but not so fancy: Did you notice the green one? Pandan flavor! I give you some. I not going use all.

Susan said...

Stay safe out there! They finally sell Mi Goreng here. I don’t eat it much but I remember how good it was. Interesting those rice flakes!