Wednesday, June 10, 2020

KJ's Fried Chicken

KJ's Local Grindz fried chicken plate ($10) is supah ono.  It seems that the number of pieces vary per plate according to size.  We've had four big pieces and we've also had six smaller pieces.

If you're ever in the Kaneohe area, you should try.



Anonymous said...

Looks onolicious!


Anonymous said...

j: gosh I use to work in Kaneohe and always ordered lunch but did not know about this place until after I left, darn it. I so love good fried chicken - I love Gulick's Deli but they over cook and it's stringy most times. I buy from Jollybee but it's so pricey and small pieces. sigh. -N

K and S said...

looks so ono!

jalna said...

Izsmom, OMG, the fried chicken skin!

N, hope you get to try it someday.

Kat, I kinda not too into chicken so much nowadays ever since I saw that movie (can't remember the name) that grossed me out, but one bite of this one made me say, "Ho!" LOL.

Kay said...

That does look amazingly delicious! Yum!