Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Basket of Sunflowers

I had the bright idea to paint a stamped image. But I soon realized that my watercolor paper is too bumpy for stamping. So I had to pencil-sketch and then ink a copy instead. I actually made several. The one below is the best. The rest were kinda ugly.

I painted a light wash of color on first, then painted more darkly over it. That's called layering. 

Some of the adjacent colors bled together because I wasn't patient enough to wait and let the paint dry first. Luckily, I had a paper towel on hand to blot out the bleeding in time for most areas. 

I tried to leave white spots because one tutorial said to do that, but it turned out to be easier said than done. Like shading, I didn't know where is good.

Lastly, I wanted to add in a funky color somewhere (like Mindy Lacefield), so I painted some fuchsia into the basket. I actually had too much water on my brush, and the fuchsia started spreading out more than I had expected. I had to quickly blot that too. Phew! Paper towels are my friend.


This is the brush I used.  I love it. It's a very thirsty brush which is good for watercolors. 

It actually looks too big for my small painting, but the tip is pointy enough so that even the small petals of the flower were no problem. I got it from Hawaiian Graphics. Regular price is $22.95. At 40% off it was $13.77.  The sale is still on this week. If you go, maybe you'll get free David Smith sample dots!

P.S. I went back to Hawaiian Graphics yesterday and got a similar brush but of a smaller size.  I had the same cashier as the last time so I hinted that I just looooooved the David Smith dots that he gave me. Made him smile. And that's all I got . . . one smile.


Anonymous said...

I like your sunflowers, you're better than you give yourself credit for! After you mentioned your paint samples I looked around on art supply websites and saw the paint sample sheet for $2.99. I think the salesperson was trying to get you hooked so your would come back for the expensive whole tubes of paint. Those colors were gorgeous, though.

Honolulu Aunty said...

I went to Hawaiian Graphics but didn't have the same salesclerk as you. I even gave them Honolulu Aunty flashlights but that nevah work. Maybe I should have just asked, "you can give me sample cards?" but, I held back. So what I got was one small set for you and 2 sheets of color chart, no dots.

ALMOST makes me want to watercolor. Almost, but I only watch Korean dramas nowadays.

lance said...


K and S said...

aw bummer he didn't give you more dots

Leslie's pics said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! nice try.... :D So smart to paint a stamped image!

Anonymous said...

j: heh heh he had the power and he used it - to deny you! At $10 a tube it's so pricey and if you use so little kinda poohoo, yeah? I saw this on Amazon, $28 but get at least more colors for $30. https://www.amazon.com/Daniel-Smith-285610005-Essentials-Introductory/dp/B00WT5VRF6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504046136&sr=8-1&keywords=david+smith+watercolor+paint
I love the stuff you're doing BTW, you creative people are so blessed. -N

Anonymous said...

You are so creative!


jalna said...

$2.99 Anon! I scored!

Thanks Aunty! I think you should try . . . I bet you'd be good.

Aww, Lance . . . . I only know how to copy.

I know, Kat!

Had to try, Les.

Thanks for the heads up, N! I put it in my cart and gonna save for later. That's a good deal!

Thanks, Izsmom.

Susan said...

It's really pretty! I copy too!