Monday, August 14, 2017


I bought a few prints at the swap meet by Mindy Lacefield. I think I was first attracted by the color (plus the $1 price tag). I liked the prints because they're done kinda care-freely. 

This girl doesn't even have arms. And look at her legs. What kind of legs are those, anyway? But it's okay, yah. The artist just had fun.

And it's okay to have a colorful face on a big head. And a blue-dotted red wing.

Here's a tutorial by Mindy that I've been watching. She makes it look so easy . . . putting blobs together. I like the translucent nature of watercolor.

And so, I wanna try painting. I've been gathering a few supplies. 

Thanks to friend Fay I was able to find watercolor paints for cheap at Ross. They were $6.00. Friend Linda told me that I could find the watercolor pad at Walmart. It was $6.80, cheapest price compared to elsewhere, including Amazon. 

I didn't like Walmart's brushes, so I went to Hawaiian Graphics on Beretania. Holy Cow! So expensive! I checked out Ben Franklin. They had a not-bad selection of brushes, but somehow they were not what I wanted. 

My last hope was Fisher Hawaii. I went to the Mapunapuna branch. After looking and looking and looking I finally picked a 3-brush pack. It was around $14. But it's Made in China. Oh well.

Sorry, I no more any "artwork" to share yet. Still just watching YouTube tutorials.  Stay tuned . . .  but it might take me awhile . . . and no expect too much . . . 


jenny said...

How fun! I'm excited to see your work!

Leslie's pics said...

Whoa! she no more knees!! I'm excited to see your pictures :)

Honolulu Aunty said...

Nice purchases!

I SO want to learn to paint but cannot until I clean up my house to the point of being able to walk into rooms without moving stuff.

Watercolor painting is one of the hardest to do - it does not erase or can be covered up. It is what it is. Interesting video - starting with a blank sheet and then just laying down color. I wonder why watercolor artists don't start with a sketch and then color it in - like color books? The pencil at the end really defined the picture.

I look forward to seeing your art!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your paintings! You're very creative.


Erick said...

Nice paintings. I was thinking of taking a watercolor class at Ala Wai next month. It's Thursday 9:30-11:30.

Boxcar Hobo said...

Hi Jalna--I just read a post on another blog about free watercolor classes on Skillshare: Can't wait to see what you create!

Anonymous said...

j: GMTA for sure, I am doing the same thing. First I bought paint by numbers off Amazon, pretty inexpensive, even a small table top easel. I open the box up and holy $#!(** there are freakin' numbers everywhere. It was too too overwhelming. Plus I had figured bigger is better. No, no simpler is better. aiyeee. So I bought water colors at Ben Franklin (hoo day expensive). I should've bought 'em from Ross which right now has a good inventory of the brushes. Then on the way out they had a paint by number and instruction kit for only $15, everything incld. Oh well. I nevah try yet but definitely I like try out my left brain. -N

Chet Colson said...

That looks like some pretty avant garde stuff.

jalna said...

Jenny, I'm taking a break from doing my first painting. I wanted to look up how to care for the brushes. So far I like the brushes, but I'm afraid that they might get frazzled if I don't store them properly.

Coming up next, Les!

Aunty, you gotta be like me and just shove the mess aside and make room.

Thanks Izsmom!

Aww, Erick, no more class on Wednesday or Friday?

Hey Boxcar Hobo! Thanks! I'll check it out.

That is too funny, N!!

Cool yah, Chet!

Susan said...

How exciting!!

Erick said...

Sorry only once a week. Call in sick.

Squidy said...

Art isnt always representational
,if that was the case we all could say we are Picasso.

Theres greeting card art and fine art.

But you will realize its alot harder then you think to compose and create a painting.

Just do it for your own joy,however having legs or no legs isnt the objective.


jalna said...

Yah, Susan!

Bummahs, I would like to hang out with you once in awhile again, Erick.

Ahhh thanks, Squidy.

K and S said...

can't wait to see your creativity!

jalna said...

Kat, can't believe I actually finished a piece!