Monday, August 21, 2017

Arts and Craft Scores at the Swap Meet

I got a few extra-good deals at the swap meet this past weekend. I went on both Saturday and Sunday. But let me tell you . . . the heat was brutal. I only lasted 1 1/2 hours on Sunday. I left at 9:30 a.m. and the thermometer on my dashboard said 98 degrees!!!

Yarn for my mom . . . $1 each!

These pens were in a ziploc . . . $1 for the whole bag. 

These were in the same bag, but were dried up so I tossed them.

10 cents each for these pens!! Surprised me because the seller is a regular there and is usually not cheap. He admitted that he had no clue on the value.

These stamp pads were 50 cents each. I already have choke pads, but I was thinking of experimenting with these to see if I could somehow use the ink to paint with.

Not real sure how I'm gonna use these but it was only $2, and the girl was really nice.

This set was $1. 

Here's my next project. It didn't come out as gradually blended as I had wanted. I think I was supposed to wet my paper first. Next time.

See the fan in the foreground? I got it awhile back. It's a small Vornado. The blades are made of fabric so if you accidentally touch it like I always do, it doesn't hurt. I think I paid $3 for it.  


K and S said...

what great finds!

jalna said...

I was so stoked, Kat!!

De said...

I went to the swap meet a few weeks do you find these good deals? I don't have an eye for this.

jalna said...

Hi De! There are two types of sellers that I look for . . . (1) the ones who clean out their house maybe once a year and just want to get rid of their stuff and (2) the sellers who are selling storage locker auction items. There are a LOT of sellers at the Aloha Swap Meet who are there every weekend. Except for a few favorite sellers, I usually skim through those. Also, to find treasures you sometimes have to dig through stuff. The yarn that I found this past weekend was in a cardboard box and not visible. I lifted the flaps on top and saw them. I could've easily missed them. It's good to go early too . . . to beat others to the finds and to avoid the heat.

Chet Colson said...

You're a sharp shopper. My sister found $1 deals in Tokyo at a store I believe called "Can do", bought plenty craft materials.

Honolulu Aunty said...

You always score. It is your fate and destiny. Ommmmmmm

jalna said...

Chet, I think I went to a Can Do store once. Love those dollar stores!

Awww, thanks Aunty.

DNakamaru said...


Susan said...

Great tips for swap meet finds! Stampin up not cheap so you really scored! I have the water color pencils and Aqua paint brush from Stampin up and did some projects with it.

Dd said...

OMGosh...I remember buying that Micron pen for Kaori ... was $$$$ ! Great finds !!! ( a lot a lot of finds)

jalna said...

Totally, Dean!!

Susan, that's kinda why I like the sellers who win storage locker auctions. A lot of times they don't know the value of the things that they're selling.

I like those Micron pens, Dd . . . they're permanent ink and good to use on greeting cards.