Thursday, August 24, 2017


I got the idea for this card from somewhere online. Unfortunately, I can't remember which site so I'm unable to give proper credit. 

I love how the colors came out! And guess what I used. IMG_7280

Ink from stamp pads! As you can tell by now, my drawing skills are limited, but I can copy simple things. I made the cats 1/2 inch wide with a 1/4-inch space in between. You should try! It's fun. This project really helped me learn how to control the amount of ink and water on my brush.

Here's what I did to get ink from the stamp pads. I squirted some water onto the pads and then brushed, brushed, brushed the pad with a paintbrush. Then I dipped the brush into water and dripped the water into a well of my pallette.  I did this several times to get a pool of ink. I found that you actually don't need much ink for the cat. The bottom portion of the cat is painted with mostly just water.

Just a heads up in case you might be interested. Hawaiian Graphics is having a Back to School sale right now. Keep in mind though that the regular prices are on the high end, but still . . .  25% to 40% off is a good deal. 

This is the only brush I used to paint the cat card. It's a 1/2-inch angled shader. I got it at the sale. Normally it's $9.25 at Hawaiian Graphics. At 40% off it was $5.81. Looks like it's $7.99 on Amazon right now, so that is a good price.

It's kinda overwhelming looking at the brush selection. But if you're interested in the watercolor brushes, they're on the left side of the brush display close to the check-out counter, and this particular brush is on the bottom shelf.


DDD said...

I do enjoy your artistic posts.
The people who will receive your cards are lucky.

Chet Colson said...

So cute.... great for a postcard.

alibaba37 said...

Another great job! I've also heard you can take old markers, put them in water, and then use it. I haven't tried it, but your stamp paints reminded me of it.

Susan said...

That is so neat! I love it! You've inspired did the background color not bleed into the cats?

Honolulu Aunty said...

SOOOO cute! How come cats come out so cute? I prefer dogs but they don't make such good art projects.

You are getting better and better!

jalna said...

Thank you so much, DDD.

Thanks, Chet.

I'll keep it in mind, Alibaba. Thanks!

Susan, I hope you get to try! Couple tips: Tape down your paper onto a board and brush with plain water first and let it dry. This will lessen the warping later. Paint the cats first and let them dry before painting the background. Then the colors won't bleed together. I waited for everything to dry before drawing in the eyes and the whiskers. Luckily watercolor dries fairly fast. Good luck!

Thanks Aunty! I know what you mean . . . I prefer dogs too. How come Pochacco is not as popular as Hello Kitty. I think he's cuter.

Kalin's Mommy said...


K and S said...

these are cute too!

Leslie's pics said...

you're already a pro!!

jalna said...

Cute came out yah, Mich.

Thanks Kat!

Hahahaha, Les.