Thursday, August 3, 2017

Couple Vegan Desserts

My cousin Roger has been a vegan for 20 years. Dat's right . . . 20 YEARS! He's my hero right now. I saw him this past weekend, and he gave me these two desserts. They're from Juicy Brew. THANK YOU, ROGER!!

I was able to visit Juicy Brew myself the other day. I'll have a blog post for you about it soon.

Here's what Roger gave me. I loved them!

Vegan Banana Muffin ($3.00)

Vegan Mochi ($3.50)


Update, Day 14:  I gained back couple pounds . . . been enjoying too much mi goreng maybe. I do feel more energetic and lighter (good pooping). My hip joints seem to be handling going up stairs better. My fingers are still quite stiff, but I'm hopeful. 


K and S said...

that look good!

Anonymous said...

The muffin looks onolicious, but the mochi doesn't look appetizing to me.
Glad the you're feeling great!


Susan said...

My friend that watched that vid on netflix has stopped eating meat. She does eat fish though. She feels better too! I finally tried mi goreng. I see why you can keep eating it and eating it. My daughter really likes it.

jalna said...

They were yummy, Kat.

Izsmom, the mochi dessert was sorta mochi/tapioca. I really liked it.

Susan, I've bought so many cases of that mi goreng already!

Leslie's pics said...

That's awesome!!! I can't believe that it helped your hips...hmmmm...makes me question my knee....