Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Juicy Brew

A few weeks ago . . . or was it last week? . . . I went to Juicy Brew on the way home from work. 


I got the Southwestern Orzo Salad, Singapore Noodles and Vegan Breakfast Burrito . . . kinda pricey but ono. Don't think I could go there too often.  










jenny said...

I think you just nailed it, why it's so hard to become vegan...the cost! But thank you for sharing this, I've been wanting to try juicy brew!

K and S said...

do they have parking or only on the street?

jalna said...

"Veganism" is so expensive, Jenny. If you do get to go to Juicy Brew, watch your step out da door. You gotta step down. I almost took a flop leaving the place.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Veganism is expensive - not only in cost but in the time it takes to make it so the stuff tastes good. Not as easy as just steaming broccoli or eating raw salads because protein needs are hard to meet without meat (lol, I crack myself up!)

So, was ono? Maybe I'll go just to give them some business. At the same time, I'll go check out the dill pickles at Ace Hardware. And put gas across the street at Alan Nakamura's place. Thas your classmate, yes?

jalna said...

Kat, only on-street, and only on their side of the street, so coming from town I had to circle the block and turn around. BUT did have parking right in front of the place, no problem. Maybe you can make like Aunty and park at Ace and go buy pickles.

HAHAHAHAHA, you too funny, Aunty. Good plan you get. And yes, Alan is my classmate.

Susan said...

Yes, expensive! My brother likes to say..."not as expensive as going to the hospital for eating unhealthy" right?!! I really think we need to be conscious of what we put in our bodies: )

mmiissee said...

I follow someone on Instagram that always post pictures of his lunch or dinner from this place. So, I thought it must be reasonable price. After I seen your pictures...I'm like WOW!! I dont know if I can see myself spend $10.75 every work day.
But the food does look ONOOOO! Better be organic

Leslie's pics said...

Wow, Aunty got the plan!! I wanna try too but i'm too chang :-D

jalna said...

Susan, more so for me because of my *ahem* age.

Aunty so smaht yah, Les.

Mark Shelby said...

You have no idea how much I hated those nasty Parking Meters when they first showed up in Kaimuki! I was like.... HO! They are trying to be like Mainland and make more money!

Just let the shoppers park for free like the good 'ole dayz and bring more business and tax dollars!

Liberals running Hawaii State are Killing it! And have been for years!

I cry for my Island Home at times! Seriously!

It will never be the same!

Anonymous said...

j: I no can be a vegan cuz I no kapish all the ingredients in each salad. Even 'ulu'. Speaking of Alan, I had a crush on him (too?) he always wore a nice dress shirt to school and was clean cut in the long hair hippie dayz. Boy did he (me too) change. -N

jalna said...

Yeah Mark, it's unusual if no more parking meters now.

N, I no can if I had to be as strict as Landon. I'll have fishcake and instant ramen even if might have egg in the noodles or bonito in the dashi. Lan won't even have honey because it's from a bee. But . . . he just went blood test and the results weren't as wonderful as expected. He was majorly disappointed. Me too . . . for him. I going blood test next week. Was gonna go today, but gonna give it one more week.

jalna said...

Oh and N, so funny your "too?" regarding Alan!!

Anonymous said...

j: hmm maybe L should consult a nutritionist and find out which vegan foods are okay. As someone mentioned it does contain a lot of sodium...and just cuz it's veggies there could be empty calories/fat to make it taste like the real thing. In People magazine they review what a celeb eats and even if they're vegan, the nutritionist (whom I think comes off as being too strict) she oftentimes criticizes their choices of meals/snacks. Finding fat or not enough fat or calories. And these celebs eat way healthier than regular ppl. Plus you don't mention if he upped his exercising too and that's a complete lifestyle. Though he could be the unlucky few that his body is 'just lil dat' -N

jalna said...

N, Lan does lift weights with friends on a regular basis, but I don't think he does cardio work. And then maybe he did the blood work too soon . . . only was vegan for 2 1/2 weeks. At any rate, he not quitting yet . . . which is good.

Kay said...

YUM! It almost makes me feel like I would be healthy eating there.

jalna said...

Totally healthy, Kay!