Thursday, August 10, 2017

Garage Sale Finds

The Niu Valley Community Garage Sale was this past Saturday. I spent a couple of hours walking through the neighborhood . . . good exercise, but was HOT.

Here are my finds . . . around $17 total.

This was my most expensive buy . . . $4. The best thing about having internet access while on the go is that I can research the value of things. I found that this was selling on eBay for around $8.00 plus $3 for shipping. Knowing this made it easier for me to fork over the bucks. 

I just couldn't resist getting this luggage tag holder. It kept making me laugh. It was only $1, and it cleaned up nicely after I wiped it down with some disinfectant wipes. 

I so scored on these Hello Kitty watches. Each was from a different seller. The one in the middle was $2, the other two were $1 each.  I've been wearing the one of the left.  A cute, little girl sold me the minion. She said it was 15 cents, but I gave her a quarter because I'm generous like dat. 

The lady who was selling this book said that it was 50 cents, but I gave her a dollar 'cause . . .  you know . . . generous. It's a good book. Easy reading. I finished it in a day . . . even though I fell asleep midway and had to continue after the nap.

Just a note to Anonymous commenters: I've been getting a lot of Anonymous comments lately which are Spam. They automatically go into a Spam folder. I usually try to review them and accept legitimate comments before mass deleting the rest, but if your comment doesn't make it past the cut, wanted to let you know why . . . my bad. 


alibaba37 said...

You are very generous! I know, I've been on the receiving end.

K and S said...

nice finds!

Susan said...

Wow nice finds! That HK watch in the middle for $1 and the one you're wearing so awesome! I like that book title :) I love it when ppl sell their stuff for a $1 or $2. 😀

Chet Colson said...

It's great to find gems at a garage sale. The internet is a wonderful platform for information and instruction. Tokyo's humidity this past weekend was unbearable. Was glad to be getting home for the trade winds, no such luck. Still, lucky we live Hawaii.

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love how you are "generous like dat" - so true and funny at the same time!

SCORE! I gotta stay away from those sales. I am trying to clean up and clear out. Hard when cute stuff tempts me at such bargain prices!

Anonymous said...

j: the luggage holder looks like that black plastic doll they use to have in the 50s?/60s? called something like the dakko doll, it was used to hug stuff like an arm and was featured on Soko ga Shirtai show. Oh I looked it up, yours is not black though but sure looks like her. The big lips..the earrings.... -N

Dd said...

Good finds !! Have a Little Faith....good movie ...ummm whats dat Totoro thingy ??

jalna said...

LOL, thanks Alibaba.

Thanks Kat.

I love $1 stuff too, Susan!

Welcome home, Chet!! I like see pikchas!

So good fun, Aunty . . . but yah . . . clutter.

N, I no exactly what you talking about! My Aunty Mabel had one waaaaaaay back.

It's a puzzle, Dd, and I think it has a glue thing to bond the pieces together when it's pau. I haven't tackled it yet. Long time ago Taryn gave me a similar Spirited Away puzzle. I loved it.

Leslie's pics said...

That's so cool that your neighborhood has a community garage sale day like that. I wish ours had one...but I wonder what kind of stuff would show up at some sketchy people that live on our street ahahha. Hey i see you found a totoro! score!

Kay said...

My granddaughter had fun looking at all your cool buys!

jalna said...

Les, I look forward to this sale every year!

Kay, she would have good fun shopping!

Erick said...

Cool stuff!