Friday, January 8, 2016

J Shop Food

We went to J Shop twice this past week to pick up lunch.


Leslie had this twice.

Mich had this bento on Tuesday. She liked it a lot.

She had this bento yesterday. She said that it was good, but she liked the other one better.

Mich said that she's gonna try this one next time.

Me, I gotta wait until the end of March . . . I'm dieting again. Right now, it's salads, tofu and soups for me.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Food looks good! You in a contest again?

K and S said...

yummy but looks kinda pricey:)

Myko said...

Didn't know they had bentos/plate lunch. I'll have to check it out next week.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh god, my hair, lol.

jalna said...

Kinda, Aunty. Just challenging some people in my family.

Unfortunately, Kat, everything there is kinda pricey.

Myko, they kinda just started serving bentos.

It looks okay, Mich.

Leslie's pics said...

glad i was able to run away from the camera!! Sashimi was yummy both times by the way...

Nippon Nin said...

I went to this store once last year and I thought they're over priced. The bentos look great!
I should be on diet too...I didn't loose any weight in spite of being sick for two weeks...what the heck.

Anonymous said...

Somehow seeing that huge fish sitting in that counter isn't the most appetizing sight...:p haha. It looks so much like RAW FISH...

Kay said...

I've never been a big sashimi fan. My mother can't understand what she did wrong with me. I don't eat natto either which really confounds her. Those all look good though. Have you tried the miso butterfish plate lunch at Mamaya? That's our favorite!

jalna said...

I'll try catch you next time, Les! LOL!

Akemi, I think you don't need to be dieting. And yes, I agree, they're overpriced.

Totally, Anon!

Kay, I have had Mamaya bentos, and I like them. Not sure if I've had their butterfish, though.

Susan said...

That's what I liked about Japan can have all your meals there, but of course cheaper in Japan.