Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wendell had heard about this place and wanted to try it. I think it was this past Saturday (the days are a blur already) that we went. It's in the Samsung Plaza on Keeaumoku.


If you're into $20 all-you-can eat Korean food at a 24-hour BYOB place . . .

and you don't mind waiting . . .

and you don't mind eating in a cramped, noisy area . . .

then this place is for you!! After waiting for about an hour our name was finally called. The guy there recommended that he bring us a platter of short ribs, rib eye and brisket first. Then after that we could order whatever else more that we wanted. Sounded like a good plan . . . at that time.

The waitress brought us this complimentary seafood pancake "because we waited for so long." Nice yeah.

Our meal included this tofu soup. This is not the first Korean place to give us a bowl of soup to share. It seems strange to me. My first reaction is hmmm . . . is this for me or for you? Ohhhh, we're supposed to share.

The side dishes were just okay . . . nothing special.

Now this is what I just couldn't believe. All that meat . . . for the two of us . . .

I kept saying, "Wendell, are we supposed to eat all that before we can order any seasoned meat?" I wanted some seasoned chicken.

I don't even really like red meat. I did eventually get my chicken, but by then I was already kinda grossed out by having to eat all that meat.

When I talked to Landon later about the place, I told him I hope I don't ever have to go back there with his dad again. He said he would go for me.


Erick said...

Ono food two days in a row! It looks so good. I super Jellos!

jalna said...

Hah? No need be jellos. Wasn't that good.

Leslie's pics said...

so funny...i don't know how you went out that night, I was sooooo exhausted! Too bad it wasn't that good. All that waiting for nothing!

jalna said...

Les, Wendell liked it. I can't remember, why were you exhausted.

mmiissee said...

Cool...another place where it's all you can eat! Plus it's open 24 hours. I think this place is cheaper then Camellia's! I love cooking my own on the's fun. I don't know about waiting over an hour though hehehe I wouldn't mind going though.

Betty Townsend said...

There's a place like this over in Santa Clara...we've been to it twice when we've been in the area. It is $24.95. It is buffet style on the different meats and then they have a separate buffet line with other dishes. I cannot eat $24.95 worth of meat. Gerry loves the place and the two times we've been there, it was jammed packed...mostly Koreans. The first time we went, we were the only ones not Korean.

K and S said...

wendell looks happy :)

jalna said...

You should go check it out, Mmiissee . . . maybe not on a Saturday night though.

Betty, I could hear Japanese, Chinese and Korean spoken here.

Kathy, Wendell loves meat, so he was enjoying himself.