Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Night Celebration!

The GLITZ!!! The GLAM!! It's what I look forward to all year - The Oscar Night Celebration!


First, to announce the winnahs as selected by their peers. For Best Makeup - Brandee.

Best Accessories - Deborah.

Best Shoes - Sam.

Best Purse - Anne.

Best Dressed - Jay.

Finally, Best Hair - Kris. And now, without further ado . . . the red carpet . . .



















Here's the gang as they watch the real Academy Awards. Check out Anne's daughter doing her sexy Leslie impression.


K and S said...

LOL! fun! especially thought the dogs on the carpet were cute.

jalna said...

Weren't those puppies da best, Kat! Hahaha.

h_pinku_montero said...

Wow..really great pictures!! would it be ok to copy some for my FB? haha

jalna said...

Sure Hero!! It was fun meeting you on Oscar night! Let me know if you ever need a photographer. I'd be glad to help you out.

susie said...

WOW OMG how great everyone looked you sure captured it all! totally awesome pictures I would have shown up like you

Yosh808 said...

OMG!! I love how you're rocking the J&R shirt! WOOOT!!

jalna said...

Thanks Susie!! Everybody looked sooo purty yah! I put on extra eyeliner too you know.

Hahahaha Yosh. It's one of my favorite shirts!!

Les said...

FINALLY! I think Nat looks adorable!! You look sooo sexy in those shorts and eyeliner too...how da hell did you get Peanut and Kado to sit still like that?

jalna said...

Why, thank you, Les! Just call me the dog whisperer. Plus Kris held treats above my head.

Erick said...

Cool awards ceremony! Where da Oskas?

Dd said...

Wowweee...look at Jay...unreal...HI HERO ! ;o}

jalna said...

Erick, if you check out my Oscar prelude two days ago, you'll see the Oscars on the ballot table.

Yeah Didi, Jay's much the stud muffin these days.

Betty Townsend said...

Wow...super pictures. Everyone looked awesome...especially you. hahahaha!! How fun even the kids got involved...and the puppies...so sweet!

jalna said...

Thank you Betty!! Hahahaha!

h_pinku_montero said...

Hi Di!!! how'd you been? Ms. Jalna, do u have the photos of me with tanja and the other girl (forgot her name) lol

Mano said...

Jalna, who are these lovely people? Wow love the attitude with the little girl =)


jalna said...

Hey Hero. I have some pictures I can e-mail to you, but I don't have any of you and Tanja. Can you send me an e-mail to JalnaA@aol.com? I don't have your e-mail address.

Mano, these are my coworkers!!

Mano said...

^ ahh, no wonder you got in the pic Jalna =) strike a pose girl!

jalna said...

Hahaha Mano, I tried . . .

Allison Baseman said...

Jalna- Great pics. I love the doggies. I take my vote back: I vote Natalie best dressed!! ... ps, its funny how I'm cropped out of the group shot. :)

jalna said...

Hey Allison, glad you found my blog! Sorry about the cropping. On smaller monitors, my pictures get cropped on the right side. If you view them on the wider monitors, then you'll see the photo intact.

Allison Baseman said...

Jalna- at first I thought it was cropped. But I realized that it was the page. I just had to give you some crap. After I wrote that I was hoping you would realize I was teasing you.

jalna said...

Allison, I'm glad you were only teasing. Was afraid I might have offended you, except I did notice your smiley face.

Mariko said...

HA! Love your outfit. We totally match.
That is some glam in your pictures. So cool. Uh... Wish I knew how to dress myself. Shesh.
(we won't even discuss accessories and makeup.)

jalna said...

Yah Mariko, the best I can do is t-shirt and shorts.