Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinner at da ala cart

A bunch of us met after work at da ala cart at Don Quijote Kaheka for a snack which kinda turned into dinner. Here's CQ's daughter Kaori helping out her Uncle Chris.


Me, Erick, Susie, Yosh and Leslie shanghaied Chris' display table to eat off of.

This sweet, sweet couple discovered Chris' wagon when they went shopping at Don Quijote this past Sunday. They came back this evening and set up a little table so that they could enjoy the food leisurely. They came all the way from Kailua!!

The first thing that Erick ordered was the Bacon-wrapped Shishamo. He said it was soooo good he could eat it all night.

Looks like Leslie enjoyed the Chicken Wing.

Susie and I both loved the Yaki Mochi. I ate at least three by myself.

Erick and Susie shared a Marinated Pork Belly. It had a really, really nice flavor. Erick kept saying, "Boy that's good!"

Leslie was reluctant to try the Shishamo at first, but ended up really liking it. She's so brave.

Yosh liked the Gyu-Tan (Beef Tongue). I brought a stick home for Wendell who said, "No, I'm so full, I can't eat that." He took one bite and promptly finished it off.

The Shiitake Mushrooms had a little bit of buttery lemon flavor. Soooo ono!!

I didn't get a picture of anybody eating the Aspara-maki, but that was really good too. I like go back already. Maybe I can get Wendell to go with me and we can set up our chairs next to the couple from Kailua.


K and S said...


jalna said...

Sooo yummy, Kat!

Les said...

wow, that was fast! Should have my pics up by tonight. Thanks sooo much Jalna! Was so yummy!!

susie said...

Good food, good company and great pictures!, thank you Jalna.

jalna said...

You're welcome, Les. I had fun.

Thanks Susie.

Betty Townsend said...

Great pics! you all know and what to eat and have a good time doing it!!

jalna said...

Eating right off the grill, talking story . . . da best.

Erick said...

Thanks Jalna, that was so ONO! The food is so amazing, simple, grilled to perfection, incredibly delicious and on top of that, great company. It don't get any better than that. Thanks again!

jalna said...

You're so welcome Erick. I like go back again and again and again.

Yosh808 said...

I think the chicken wing was winnahs! I'll wait for that again and again. Went to Don Quijote with mom and dad tonight...almost stopped by for some tongue! Hahah! But I nevah. =(

jalna said...

Haha Yosh. I bought a bunch of stuff to take home after work yesterday! Ate the mochi on the drive . . . couldn't wait.