Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dassant Truffle Brownie Taste Test

Here's da brownie. I took all that I had left to work today. Neva have enough for everybody, but the ones who got to try um liked um! The first words after taking a bite were, "Ohhhh, moist!"


Okay, maybe not everybody liked um. Some people don't like nuts. But guess what Yosh did. He went online and ordered some mixes for himself!! Imagine this: He ordered a 6-pack of brownie mix, a 6-pack of pumpkin spice bread mix and a 6-pack of gingerbread mix!! Funny yeah!

Joy was the first to try.

Lorna said "mmmmm".

Julie said, "Here get a close-up."

Runa said, "Soooo moist!"

Melody said, "It's good!"

Mel said, "Don't take a picture of me. Take a picture of the brownie instead."

Jonathan our new mailman said, "Yummmm!"

Leslie said, "It's good!" even though she doesn't really care for walnuts.

Landon said, "Sure I'll try."

Tysha liked it.

And so did Sean!

So enough with all this hype. When's the Prize Giveaway??? I'll announce the details tomorrow!


K and S said...

looks good!

jalna said...

Kat, I made another batch tonight. I love it that it's so easy to make.

Randism said...

mmmmmm! brownies and milk! yeah!!!

Leslie's pics said...

thanks for my dessert and not putting up the other horrible pictures of me!!

jalna said...

Rand, I thought of putting a glass of milk in the background, but I didn't have time.

What horrible pictures, Les?

:) josefina :) said...

yum yum!

jalna said...

Hahaha, Jos, I going put your name in already!!

Betty Townsend said...

they do look good! Where did Yosh order the mixes from? I haven't made my lemon cake yet. I should go do that today. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brownie it was very moist and chocolatly! (is that a word?) Wendell brought a couple to work and I got to try them. That was the first mix I saw that required butter instead of water and oil to be added. Also I prefer brownies with nuts or peanut butter, must be a guy thing.

Linda said...

I so wanna work with you!

jalna said...

Betty, he ordered them from the same place I did . . . Amazon. He got me hooked on Amazon because of the free shipping if you spend over $25. I love it!

Ross!!! I'm glad you liked um! Thanks for taking the time to comment here. Shall I put your name in the drawing? Hmmmm?

Lulu, dat's so funny!!

Erick said...

Looks so ONO!

Mano said...

Leslie, you're busted! I see that brownie in your hands =)

Jalna, did u save me some brownies? Looks super ONO!

jalna said...

Sorry Mano, I couldn't even share with everybody in the office. Maybe I shoulda cut um smaller.

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, I guess I missed the Amazon part. hahahaha!! I'm going look.